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Sell your house for 100% percent market value

Do you want to sell your house for 100% (100 percent) market value? If yes, continue reading, as we have some practical tips for you to sell fast & still achieve maximum value.

To sell your house for 100% market value it is important for you to understand the concept of ‘value’. ‘Value’ in simple terms means the amount buyer and seller could agree on if both were interested in making a deal.

It is an estimate of what a home is actually worth; a property may sell for higher or lower, depending on who has the best bargaining skills, who wants the deal most and whether there were any incentives thrown in to sweeten the deal, market trends, time of the year & many other factors.

How to sell your house fast for 100% percent market value

Below are the 3 key things that will decide whether you can sell your house at 100% market value & how quick & easy this process will be for you as a seller.

1. Determining accurate value of your property

2. Target timeframe

3. Method of selling

How to know the accurate value?

The most accurate method for determining the property value, is by the sales history of comparable properties, for example, homes of a similar size and similar amenities, in comparable neighbourhoods. Using last 6 months or a year of sales as the basis for the value of similar properties, will give you a fair idea. Property websites like Rightmove, Zoopla or Nethouseprices have detailed sales comparable data for all areas in the UK.

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Or give us a quick ring on 0800 068 7935 or click here to book your free valuation.

Target timeframe

Ask yourself how quickly you’d like a sale agreed & when would be an ideal time for you to exchange contract & move? The average time to sell nationwide is between 60 to 80 days. But the national figure masks a wide regional difference. In some regions, properties may take several months to sell.

The longer your property stays on the market with a local or online estate agent, the harder it becomes to get the desired asking price & erase this digital footprint for years to come.
At Springbok, our target is to sell your property within 30 days (or within a timeframe that you choose) close to 100% value. And we deliver this to hundreds of sellers every single month. Request a free valuation today & find out how.

Ways to sell for 100% market value

Today’s seller has various alternatives at hand when needing to sell for full market value. Whether its selling through local estate agents, high-street agents, online estate agents, cash buying firms, property auctions, each route comes with its own pros & cons. We have tried to explain the pros & cons of some of these methods here.

Again, it’s down to your individual circumstances to select which way could best work for you & how quickly you’d like to sell. Although, it is advisable for you to consider the option that promises the best possible price within your target timeframe. Plus, one that also includes conveyancing support to ensure your property smoothly goes over to exchange & completion.

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Contact us today & see what’s possible with your property.