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Get your dream home in 3 simple steps

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  • Found your new dream home and can't afford to wait for your current property to sell?
  • Are you a seller, hoping to generate more interest in your property?
  • Are you stuck in the property chain?
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Part Exchange as easy as 1,2,3


Your Dream Home

You're already familiar with this part: identifying the property that you would like to buy! Ideally, the home will be on sale through Springbok Properties, but we can work with almost any other seller.

Book online (using the form below) or call our freephone 0800 068 7935.

We will ask a few questions about your current home and the property you are interested in, to see if everything qualifies. Even if your particular situation does not meet our Part Exchange requirements, we can provide other solutions or it might work for different property.


Offer & Instructing Solicitors

Once your property qualifies for a Part Exchange, Delma Homes Ltd. will make you a guaranteed cash offer on your property. This gives you the peace of mind to make an offer on your dream home. As we've already mentioned, properties in the Springbok portfolio are ideal for Part Exchange, but we can work with almost any seller in the country.

Please note that Delma Homes Ltd. and Springbok Properties operate independently of each other. We also have a couple of third-party companies we may use to get the best offer for your house.

Assuming your offer for your dream home is accepted, we will instruct solicitors to proceed with the sale and we will arrange a survey. You will need to instruct your own solicitors for the sale of your current home, and the purchase and survey for the new property. If you do not have a solicitor, we can provide details of reliable independents with great track records.



Because Part Exchange is not a literal swapping process, it is important that we do not complete our sale before you complete your purchase.

Our team carefully arranges the dates so that the whole process moves smoothly, ideally exchanging contracts on both properties at the same time and choosing entry dates so that your move goes smoothly. We always try to fit everything in around your requirements and personal circumstances.









Benefits of using Springbok Part Exchange

Note that this scheme does not mean you swap your property with the buyer. It simply means Delma Homes Ltd. guarantees a purchase on the buyer's property, allowing them to buy yours.

The Springbok Part Exchange program generates massive interest among buyers who have not yet sold their own property, or who are struggling to generate interest. Having a guaranteed offer on their own house makes prospective buyers much more likely to make an offer for yours.

The end result is that Springbok's Part Exchange program makes your property incredibly attractive to a whole new group of buyers - those who are thinking of moving, but struggling to complete a chain by finding a buyer for their own home. More buyers, more interest, more value for your property!

Sellers who can't move their property with other agents switch to Springbok and sell their home within weeks.

We make you a guaranteed cash offer for your current property, freeing you to make an offer on your dream home, safe in the knowledge that your sale is already sorted out. No hassle, no waiting, just cash in your pocket, ready to get you moving!
  • If your home qualifies for the program, then you have a guaranteed buyer.
  • No complicated chain delays.
  • Stay where you are until you are ready to move into your dream home.
  • If for some reason you don't get your new home, you have the assurance of keeping your current property.
  • Secure your onward purchase.
  • The certainty of a part exchange allows you to act as a cash buyer and negotiate a discount on your new house.
  • Removes the uncertainty, hassle and cost of selling your house.









I'm interested!
What Next?

We get a lot of enquiries about the Part Exchange program, so the better prepared you are, the easier everything will be.

To this end, make sure you understand how the program works by reading and absorbing all the information on this site.

You can also view the property you are interested in buying. You might not want to do this until you know you are eligible for the program, in which case you should fill out all the details in the form below and send it. We'll assess your situation and the other property, and let you know if you should go ahead. When we receive your enquiry form, we'll examine it and contact you as soon as possible. We always try to get in touch within three days.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1. Is this a direct swap with the seller?

    No. Delma Homes Ltd. arranges the private cash purchase of your property, allowing you to buy your dream home. The contract exchanges are performed simultaneously and completion dates arranged like in a chain. No one has to swap their property.

  • Q2. What does "Cost to Exchange" mean?

    The "Cost to Exchange" is the bottom line. It's how much money you actually have to find to complete your move. For example, if your current property is valued at £120,000 and you want to upgrade to a house that costs £175,000, then your "Cost to Exchange" is £55,000 (£175k minus £120k). That's assuming you get the full value for your current home and that the seller accepts your offer, of course.

    If you get less for your current property, for example by selling it to Delma Homes Ltd. at £95,000, and you put in an offer at £150,000 on your upgrade home, your "Cost to Exchange" is still £55,000.

    These figures are, of course, just for illustration. They do not necessarily represent what you may or may not be offered for your current property.

  • Q3. Is Part Exchange guaranteed to work for me?

    The key to making it work is the Cost to Exchange. This has to work for both the buyer and seller.

    Delma Homes Ltd. is unlikely to offer you full market value, so the final numbers have to work. On the up side, just because the numbers do not work for one particular property does not mean they won't work for another.

    That's why it's so important to get assistance from our team, and why we ask you to fill in as much detail as possible when you send your online enquiry (using the form on this page). The more we know, the better we can assess your eligibility for a Part Exchange. And the better our assessment, the better the chance of finding an appropriate Part Exchange property!

  • Q4. Why is Springbok one of the only agencies to do Part Exchanges?

    There are two reasons: knowledge and facilities.

    Over the years, we have bought hundreds of properties using strategic partnerships and other investment funds. We have a specialist Delma Homes Ltd. and third party companies, that has been doing this for years. Tie those two facts to our efficient, transparent setup and you have the reason we are able to offer innovative solutions!

  • Q4. Do you buy every property you see?

    No, we don't. Although we're flexible and very good at our jobs, there are some properties that simply do not meet our criteria and are not suitable for purchase.

    Most frequently, we cannot reach agreement because of the particular location, price differentials, unsuitable mortgages, structural defects, the Cost of Exchange won't work or limited buyer appeal.

  • Q6. What is the difference between your scheme and the scheme offered by builders?

    At its simplest, the difference is flexibility. Builders have strict rules and criteria, but we're a lot more flexible.

    • We consider any property; builders limit your choice to certain plots or sites.
    • We consider any residential property, owned or leased; builders buy specific properties and often won't touch ex-council or leased homes.
    • We have no restrictions on value, so you can trade up or down; builders set a floor of 30% to qualify - if your new property isn't worth more than 30% of your current home, you can't qualify.
    • We give you power for strong negotiations by delivering a guaranteed cash sale; builders are selling you something they own, so you have little room to manoeuvre, and often lose any incentives they may offer "normal" buyers.
    • We make offers all year round, in any market conditions; builders limit the number of offers per year, based on a quota, and may change that quota in poor market conditions.
    • We work throughout England, Scotland and Wales; builders are often limited to a specific area.