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High street estate agents see selling you home as a process. Most will estimate that from listing to contracts exchange, vendors can expect to wait a minimum of three months. A we buy any house from you service is different.

There can be any number of reasons why homeowners choose to seek out a we buy any house service. Some homeowners need to sell their homes in less than three months to avoid repossession or if they are relocating abroad. In this case, the reactive, and not proactive approach taken by high street estate agents can have a detrimental effect on your sales aspirations.

If you're a motivated buyer, the we buy any houseconsumer sales ethos is ideal for you. Homeowners can achieve a hassle-free sale, without enduring months of worry whist a high-street estate agent is trying to sell your property.

Proactively marketing properties online, Springbok Properties connects vendors with interested buyers across the UK. Partnering with leading online property portals, not to mention hundreds of dedicated online resources, Springbok Properties connects homeowners with cash-ready buyers.

In addition to this, Springbok Properties markets homes directly to we buy any house investors. These cash-ready buyers are always looking to enhance their property portfolio, and they can make quick decisions - meaning homeowners can sell their house in as little as 7 days!

To find out how you can get this proactive approach to selling your home and achieve a sale in as little as 7 days, contact Springbok Properties TODAY on: 0800 068 7935.


The Benefits of Proactive We Buy any House Marketing

Proactive property marketing to we buy any house buyers assures vendors of a quick sale. Unlike traditional high-street estate agents that merely advertise properties, proactive we buy any house marketing connects vendors with cash-ready buyers.

Choosing a high-street estate agency can be a costly decision - especially if your home sits on the market for an extended period. If you need to raise cash quickly, each passing day your home goes unsold may cause increasing stress and anxiety.

Proactive we buy any house marketing connects vendors with buyers across the UK, giving you the best possible opportunity to sell your home quickly.

Estate agency fees can be very expensive. Homeowners can underestimate the true cost of selling their home with traditional high-street estate agents leaving them out of pocket.

Springbok Properties charge no upfront fees for selling your home. There is no pricey valuation, survey or legal costs. This manner if we buy any house marketing to cash-ready buyers will save you on those costly fees associated with traditional property marketing.

There are no chain sales. This means that the sale of your home is not dependent on another vendor selling theirs. All too often, chain home sales can fall through. This is not the case with when marketing your home to we buy any house buyers - many have a property portfolio they are looking to expand, and are not reliant on selling a property to purchase another.

Home sales can be completed in a matter of days. Springbok Properties employs a full team of we buy any house property marketing experts. From negotiators and property valuation experts to surveyors and conveyancers, the we buy any house property management process is both efficient and swift.

By marketing properties to we buy any house buyers, Springbok Properties puts homeowners in a strong position. You won't need to 'sell' your home to interested buyers as they're already interested. This marketing properties to we buy any house buyers is especially useful when accepting an offer as vendors will be in a strong negotiating position.


About Springbok Properties

With more than 8 years' experience marketing homes to we buy any house buyers, Springbok Properties has achieved great success selling homes fast across the whole of the UK. In the last 12 months alone, by proactively marketing properties to we buy any house buyers, Springbok Properties has agreed more than 2400 sales.

Having been awarded the best sale branch in the UK two years running, our success by marketing properties to we buy any house buyers is unquestioned.

Effectively marketing your property to we buy any house buyers, we utilise every notable online property portal. We create an enticing Zoopla, Prime Location and Right Move property listing - one that's guaranteed to attract the attention of all the we buy any house cash-ready buyers across the UK.

Springbok Properties will help vendors achieve up to 99% of their property value. There are no hidden costs or charges which makes selling your home to we buy any house buyers simple and completely hassle-free.

To find out more about how Springbok Properties can help connect your home with we buy any house cash-ready buyers TODAY, call us on: 0800 068 7935.