Online House Valuation

How Our Online House ValuationCan Make Selling Your Home Easier and Stress-Free

The most important question any homeowner must ask before selling their home is ‘what is my house price valuation?’ The answer is simple: it depends on several contributing factors, AND how motivated you are to sell the property.

Most people agree that selling their home to is one of modern life’s more stressful experiences. Polls indicate that selling your home can be as stressful as a bereavement or losing your job. Vendors agree that fearing their house sale may collapse at any moment, or constantly chasing estate agents for an update on the progress of their sale as the root causes of their stress.

To enjoy a successful, stress-free home sale, vendors should start the process as simply as possible. An online house valuation is a great way to do this. Springbok Properties’ house value estimator will calculate the value of your property precisely, providing you with a listing price that’s certain to attract buyers’ attention.

Why an Accurate Online House Valuation Is Important

The housing market can be very competitive, especially when buyers are looking to find a property quickly. An accurate online house valuation can make the different between a quick sale or not.

Knowing your house price valuation onlineBEFORE contacting online or high street estate agents means that homeowners will be in a better position to negotiate with agents, giving them the best possible chance to achieve true market value for their property.

Homeowners should be aware that there are many advantages to obtaining a house valuation online, prior to listing their property. For instance, mortgage companies will offer vendors a lower house price valuation. This is because they assume that your home won’t be sold at its asking price quickly.

An accurate online house valuation will affect the size of the loan any mortgage lender is prepared to offer you. A valuation which is grossly below the true market value of your home may make it very difficult to finance the purchase of your new home.

Obtaining a quick and easy online house valuation ultimately allows vendors to have a better idea of their finances and plan their budget accordingly when buying a new home.


About Springbok Properties Online House Valuation Service

Every month, Springbok Properties provides 1,900 FREE online house valuation estimates to homeowners across the UK. Whether you’re intending to sell your home, or are just curious about how much your house is worth, our online property valuation is the place you need to start.

When using choosing our house valuation online service, vendors are under no obligation to list their home. What YOUWILL RECEIVE though is expert property advice on your selling options, allowing you to make the choice that’s right for you.

Analysing every aspect of your home and geographical location, we will provide you with your home’s current market value.Not only that, but our house price valuation tool will also show comparable prices for properties that are on the market or have been sold in your local area.

To find out more about our online house valuation service, call one of our dedicated customer service professionals today on: 0800 068 7935.

Why Springbok Properties?

Springbok Properties’ dedication to delivering the highest levels of customer care is evident in our transparent approach to house price valuation.  We want our customers to sell their home quickly and as stress-free as possible.

Springbok Properties will sell your home quickly, for 100% of its market value. Our accurate online house valuation service attracts buyers and encourages a quick sale.

We have been awarded the best sales branch in the UK for 2 years running. With over 2400 sales agreed in the last twelve months alone, Springbok Properties online house valuation service has proved to be exceedingly accurate.

77% of our homes are sold in under 8 weeks. We know how to value and sell you’re your home accurately and quickly. Our house value estimator is the first step to getting your home sold quickly, stress-free and for 100% of its market value.

To find out more about Springbok’s house valuation online service contact us today on: 0800 068 7935 to speak to one of our experience customer service professionals to find out more.