How to Sell Your House: A Homeowners’ Guide To Faster Selling

How to Sell Your House: A Homeowners’ Guide from Springbok Properties

Believe it or not, there isn’t a universal formula for every homeowner to followwhen considering how to sell your house. Sure, there can be major selling points – geographical location desirability, interior or exterior space, or a high spec throughout the home, but there are also variables to consider – market buoyancy, how motivated vendors are,even thetime of year can affect how to sell a house.

Whether you’re intent on a quick sale or not, when considering how to sell your house, vendors should be aware that there are a few fundamental constants that must be followed to achieve success.

Choose an Agent Based on Your Selling Aspirations

If you want tosell your house fast, choose a property company that knows how to sell a home fast. Springbok Properties has achieved great success selling properties across the UK fast, for up to 99% of market value.

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Be Aware of House Valuations

Home valuations are essential. Typically made using different sets of data – The Land Registry and by mortgage companies. The Land Registry records the price the property exchanged hands for. Mortgage companies will offer vendors a lower house valuation – they assume that it won’t be sold at its listed price.

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Vendors should be aware that any house is only worth what a buyer is prepared to pay.Springbok Properties knows how to sell your house by marketing it at the right price.

Choose the Right Buyer

If you’re lucky enough to have tabled offers from different buyers, homeowners should carefully consider the merits of each offer – before choosing a buyer.

Factors that affect how to sell your house include how quickly you want the sale to go through and whether buyers have a place to move into once contracts have been exchanged.

Chain-free buyers and cash buyers can be a Godsend for a quick sale. Neither buyers are reliant on selling their own home or getting a mortgage before buying your home. This can save a wealth of time, and ensure that your home is sold fast!

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Agree on Exchange and Completion Dates

Establishing the exchange and completion dates will save you a great deal of hassle and stress, and is successful when deciding how to sell your own house.

Springbok Properties expert negotiators know how to sell your house successfully. We will act on your behalf, managing the entire process, ensuring realistic exchange and completion dates that will avoid all confusion and delays.

It worth remembering that any agreed dates aren’t necessarily legally-binding. However, they are integral for a stress-free process for both vendors and buyers.

Why Springbok Properties Can Help

As a leading property business, specialising in selling homes fast for market value, Springbok Properties can help you sell your own house fast.

With our expert knowledge of the UK property marketplace, we can devise a strategy, proactively marketing your property with interested buyers. Using the most-visited online portals, we work tirelessly to achieve a sale as quick as possible.

Our success means we can sell your property for 99% of it true market value fast. Three out of every four homes we list are sold in eight weeks.

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