House Prices Sold

The Land Registry and House Prices Sold: How Springbok Properties Can Help You

Having received requests from property companies across the UK to provide information on the house prices sold for properties across the UK, the Land Registry provides accurate data of all the for all the house prices sold on home across the UK.

This data has proved to be very useful for both buyers and vendors that wish to view the house prices sold for properties in their area, giving them insight into the price buyers are expected to offer and the price vendors are willing to accept for any property.

The Land Registry’s Scope of Information

Providing ‘full market residential transactions’, the Land Registry can provide accurate data on house prices sold at an agreed price between vendors and buyers.

In addition, the Land Registry provides data on ‘full market value transactions’, that is properties sold as buy-to-lets and as repossessions, as identified by the mortgage company.

Springbok Properties knows the house prices sold in varying areas across the UK. This data allows us to accurately value your property at a price that’s guaranteed to attract buyers. With over 1800 properties sold in less than 10 days, we know how to entice buyers, selling your home in a fraction of the time of high-street estate agents.

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How Accurate are the House Prices Sold?

The data is 100% accurate. The price the house was sold at is recorded, not the listing price or any unaccepted offers. The data is, however, only as valid as the time it is extracted. This means that any house prices sold will reflect the previous sale. Once refreshed it will reflect the latest sale price.

This is especially important for homeowners to understand as should a home have only just exchanged hands for the first time in a decade, causing the property value to soar, the data of these house prices sold will need to be refreshed before an accurate house price can be established.

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How the Land Registry Works

Once property contracts have been exchanged, a solicitor will send an application of registration to the Land Registry.

Much of the registration is completed manually. Due to the historical house prices sold data, and that solicitors will submit land registry applications at the same time, homeowner details aren’t updated instantaneously. Homeowners can expect a delay of a few days before the Land Registry acknowledges ownership of a property.

However, once the application is deemed 100% accurate, and any supporting documentation has been approved, the Land Registry will input the data onto the system, documenting home ownership.

Disagree with the Land Registry House Prices Sold?

Homeowners see their property as an investment. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to check out the house prices sold before deciding to sell their home.

It’s not uncommon for the Land Registry to feature small statistical anomalies. This tends to occur when homeowners view data prior to a refresh. Should you disagree with the house prices sold data, Springbok Properties would be happy to assist you. There are two distinct advantages to contacting us.

Cost – for any homeowner to search the Land Registry, they must pay a fee. The cost for a single record in £2.00. However, to get an accurate overview of the house prices sold in your local area, multiple searches are often necessary. The cost can quickly mount up.

By contacting Springbok Properties, homeowners can gain an accurate understanding of the property prices in their area, and get a professional opinion.

Experience and Expertise –Springbok Properties has over 8 years’ experience selling homes fast in the UK for up to 99% of market value. We can provide you with immediately answers to any house prices sold questions that you may have. This will save you significant time, making the exercise completely stress-free!

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