UK House Prices

Given Current UK House Prices There’s Never Been a Better Time to Sell Your Property

Did you know that house prices in the UK rose by 1.7% in December 2016? This means that in one month alone, the average UK house price rose by nearly £4,000!

Halifax plc, one of the UKs prominent mortgage lenders, has said that the final quarter of 2016 saw a 2.5% increase in house prices, when compared to the previous quarter. Across the UK, millions of homeowners have benefitted from this, with Luton, a mere one-hour commute from central London, recording the biggest leap as house prices jumped by 19.4%. Elsewhere, the London borough of Barking and Dagenham saw a 17.9% rise.

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Straightforward, Upfront Guidance on UK House Prices

Forecasting the UK property market can be strikingly challenging at the best of times. Leading housing experts are currently very tentative to discuss the future of UK house prices in 2017 and beyond.

In a post-Brexit world, with negotiations ongoing and a hesitancy to discuss the nationwide economic implications of the split with the European Union, the effect this may have on the UK economy and house prices can only be estimated.

However, many leading property experts believe the political and economic unrest may affect house prices in 2017 and the future. Martin Ellis, a leading housing economist with Halifax plc is convinced that yearly growth of house prices will slow to between one and four percent by the end of 2017. This slowdown in inflated house prices UK will attract an increased number of buyers.

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Mortgage Lending is Stable

With the Bank of England’s announcement that, in November 2016, home buying figures had remained stable, the property market has been unaffected by the present economic and pollical climate. Mortgage lending is stable across the whole of the UK.

The Bank of England found that UK financial institutions approved more than 67,000 mortgages, with a very similar amount being approved the previous month. Buyers are still in the market for homes, and can finance the purchase of a property, regardless of house prices and budget and location.

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How Locations Across the UK are Performing

In January 2017, The Daily Telegraph published an article on the most sought-after suburbs across Britain. By looking at property across the UK and the growth of regional house prices, The Telegraph compiled a table of the ‘most sought-after suburbs across Britain’, excluding London.

The article details that Cambourne and Harwick in Cambridge enjoyed the greatest annual price growth at 18.6%, with Altrincham and Hale in south Manchester coming in a close second with an annual price growth of 17.3% in 2016.

Suburbs with superior amenities, access to leisure and cultural pursuits, without the disadvantage of unaffordable housing, typically have more attractivehouse prices, and attract buyers that want to live there. Suburbs close to large city centres like Manchester and Birmingham are also highly desirable, attracting higher house prices.

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