How Long Does It Take to Complete on a House: A Basic Guide

It’s the most pertinent question that homeowners ask themselves once a sale has been agreed: how long does it take to complete on a house? Frustratingly, there isn’t a definitive and accepted length of time for homeowners when they are in the completion process.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the answer is: a long time. With careful planning and organisation, co-operation between the vendors and buyers, and the help of an experienced property company, the answer can be: not very long.

Springbok Properties can sell your home quickly. Whether you have a property that’s fallen into probate or if you wish to complete the exchange quick due to an imminent overseas relocation, we can help you to sell your home fast.


Property Completion

Before we address how long it takes to complete on a house, we need to first address what completion is. In simple terms, the completion date is the date that you will be moving out of or into your home. This is the date that a solicitor or conveyancer will arrange for the transfer of funds when buying or selling a property, at which point you will provide or be provided with the keys to your new home.

how long does it take to complete on a house

The transfer of any funds will be handled by your solicitor or conveyancer. In the context of how long does it take to complete on a house, it is the job of your conveyancer or solicitor to ensure that the transfer of funds is completed swiftly. Provided there are no hiccups, this should be completed in a matter of hours.

Springbok Properties manages the completion of more than 230 homes across the UK every single month. Our team of expert conveyancers know how to ensure a swift completion without any delays, ensuring that properties are sold 100% hassle-free.


Can You Exchange and Complete on the Same Day?

Standard practice for high-street estate agent’s states that property completion is done anywhere from 7-28 days after exchanging contracts. However, when considering how long does it take to complete on a house, this delay is of little help to homeowners that need to sell their homes quickly if, for instance, they’re relocating abroad.

So, how long does it take to complete on a house using a reputable property company? In short, a property company can manage a home completion in a matter of days. This is because leading property companies, like Springbok Properties, manage every aspect of the sale – including the conveyancing – in-house.

Can you buy and complete on the same day

The benefit to customers is that this leaves little chance of encountering any delays in the exchange process. Certain circumstances can shorten the how long does it take to complete on a house process. These include cash buyers and buyers with an experienced and proactive mortgage lender who will transfer any funds the day before property completion.

In these instances, the only perceived delay when considering how long does it take to complete on a house is in circumstances where vendors and buyers cannot agree on a completion date. However, by agreeing to a date earlier in the exchange process, such delays can be avoided.

Springbok Properties has been voted the best branch in the UK for customer service, two years running. Our award-winning customer service team have expert negotiation skills and can make sure that there are no delays when selling your home.


Buying or Selling in a Chain

As any experienced homeowner will know, when considering how long does it take to complete on a house, the process can be subject to delays at the eleventh hour if one or more buyers are in a chain.

Buying or Selling in a Chain

If purchasing a new home is conditional on selling your existing home, then occasionally a sale can be lost through no fault of your own. The good news for homeowners wondering how long does it take to sell your home and aren’t in a chain is that an experienced and knowledgeable property company, like Springbok Properties, you can sell your home in a matter of days.

Springbok Properties has sold over 5,500 homes across the UK over the last 8 years. We are experts in minimising the time of how long does it take to complete on a house, securing the completed sale of your home in as little as 7 days. To find out more, contact us TODAY on 0800 068 4015 or visit for your free valuation.