How to Sell Your House for Cash with the Right Company

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It's the dream of every homeowner - to sell their home quickly to a cash buyer. Not only are sales completed much quicker with virtually zero chance of the delays so often encountered in property chains, but homeowners can save money by cutting out expensive estate agents fees.

So, the question to ask is how can you sell your house for cash? Well, contrary to what some homeowners believe, it's remarkably easy - providing that you take the right advice and make decisions based on your selling expectations.

As a customer-centric property company, Springbok Properties is here to help advise you on how to sell your house for cash. We sell more than 230 homes across the UK every month for as much as 99% market value. To speak to one of our award-winning customer service team and sell your house for cash fast today, call us on: 0800 068 7935.


How to Find a Cash Buyer

In today's competitive property market, you'd be forgiven for assuming that there are few cash buyers out there. However, this assumption is wrong. The UK property market has an abundance of cash buyers for homeowners to sell your house for cash to.

Leading property companies can help you to sell house for cash as they maintain active relationships with cash-rich investors who are able to make an instant decision. However, like any industry, property is not immune from rogue investors or unscrupulous companies. To sell your house for cash, buyers are encouraged to do their research and choose a property company that has a wealth of positive reviews and testimonials.

Springbok Properties is one such company. We current enjoy a 4.6/5 review on allagents, based on over 1,000 reviews. To view our video testimonials, click here.

Making an Enquiry

Once you have identified a suitable sell my house for cash property company, the next stage is to make your enquiry and ascertain how the company can meet your needs. A good property company will listen to your situation and selling aspirations, tailoring a service to your needs.

If you want a fast and hassle-free property sale and have a timeframe to sell your home, make sure that you tell the property company. Leading property companies, like Springbok Properties, will offer a realistic free valuation, and quote you a price to sell your house for cash that includes conveyancing - meaning that the sale of your property will be legally compliant.

Every month Springbok Properties gives away 1,900 home valuations for FREE! If you're thinking of selling your home and need a valuation, click the link here.


A Transparent Service

Another factor that homeowners should consider when selecting a property company to sell your house for cash is the transparency of their services.

Experienced and customer-centric property companies will always be open about what customers should expect. From any waiting time after an initial enquiry has been made to realistically how long you can expect a sale to be completed - and, of course, fees for their services - a good property company will always be open and honest in all communications.

If you opt to sell your house for cash with a leading property company, they will always inform you of what your obligations are upfront - including any fees and when they are to be paid.

In addition, an effective sell my home for cash property company will guide you on every step of the property sale journey. Any buyer offers will be immediately disclosed and no decisions will be made without your express consent.

Springbok Properties sell my home for cash service does NOT ask any upfront fees. The fees for our service are subtracted as a percentage of the house sale. This means that it's in our interest to ensure that you achieve a sale for the best possible price. To find out more about how we can help to sell your house for cash, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 7935.