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Why It's Important to Consider Companies that Buy Houses

If asked, most homeowners prefer to sell their home fast to cash buyers. The speed that a property transaction can be completed, combined with the low risk of marketing homes to buyers that don't necessarily need to borrow to purchase a home, can take much of the strain away from selling a property. This is precisely what companies that buy houses offer their customers.

Although, the prospect sounds almost too good to be true, the reality is that companies that buy houses provide a service that traditional high street estate agents simply cannot match.

For generations, homeowners have believed that the only way to sell their home is to list it with a local high-street estate agent and hope to achieve as close to the asking price as possible quickly. Companies that buy houses offer an alternative - one that meets the needs of homeowners much more effectively than high-street estate agents.

Springbok Properties is one of the UKs leading companies that buy houses, 100% hassle-free and for as much as 99% market value. In the last 12 months alone, we have agreed 2400 sales across the UK. To find out how we can help you sell your house fast, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.

The Types of Vendors Companies that Buy Houses Appeal To

The motivations for any property sale do vary. For some homeowners, the service offered by traditional high-street estate agents isn't doesn't fit their selling aspirations. High-street estate agents may also fail to sell their property. If, this is the case, companies that buy houses can offer an attractive alternative.

Companies that buy housesprovide a helpful service for homeowners that find themselves in the following circumstances:

    •  Homeowners that are in the process of divorce and wish for a quick sale

    •  Homes that have fallen into probate

    •  Homeowners that are relocating abroad and need to sell their home quickly

    •  Homes that need to be sold quickly for financial reasons

High-streets estate agents take a reactive approach to selling property. The advertise property and wait for buyers to make their intentions clear. This can be a long a laborious process - with homeowners generally waiting an average of 3 months for their house to be sold.

The benefit of companies that buy houses is that they take a PROACTIVE approach to selling houses - marketing properties on the most visited online portals and negotiating with cash-ready investors. This increases the chances of achieving a quick house sale exponentially.

Springbok Properties sells 77% of all listed properties in under 8 weeks. We have partnerships with every leading property portal, including Zoopla, Rightmove and PrimeLocation. This means we are one of the companies that buy houses who maximise listed properties online exposure, increasing the opportunity of that quick house sale.

The Affordability of Companies that Buy Houses

Homeowners that chose to sell their homes with companies that buy houses can save themselves thousands in estate agent fees.

High-street estate agents charge homeowners a percentage of their home sale as their fee. The higher the house sale price, the more the estate agent's fees are. In effect, homeowners with a higher value house are charged more than homeowners with a more modest house price - for the same service!

Estate agent's fees are charged at anywhere between 0.75% - 3%. As of April 2017, the average UK house price is approximately £218,000. Homeowners that choose estate agents to sell their home, as opposed to companies that buy houses, face a bill of £3270 (based on a 1.5% fee.)

When additional stamp duty, conveyancing costs, removals, and if homeowners must pay between £60-£120 for an energy performance certificate, the cost to sell a home quickly escalates.

Companies that buy houses only charge a single fee, subtracted at the completion of the sale, for their services. Homeowners do not need to worry about potentially expense conveyancing costs, or paying thousands of pounds to an agent who may not even be able to sell their property.

Springbok Properties is one of the companies that buy houses who offer homeowners a no sale, no fee service. We employ an in-house team of conveyancing specialist who ensure that every property transaction is completed legally. In addition to this, we charge NO UPFRONT COSTS whatsoever, making us one of the most customer-focused companies that buy houses.

The Sale Price Companies that Buy Houses Will Achieve

A property is only worth what a buyer is prepared to pay for it. Many estate agents choose to market homes at speculative prices to encourage offers. This can isolate serious buyers that are ready to make immediate offers. Companies that buy houses do not work to this business model.

Companies that buy houses market houses at prices that they expect to achieve. This maximises the number of potential buyers, whilst encouraging a quick sale.

In many cases, companies that buy houses can help homeowners achieve as much as 90% of the listing price. The chances of any home sale failing at the eleventh hour is also greatly reduced as many property investors willing to put in an immediate offer for a property do not need a mortgage approved before buying the home.

Springbok Properties has achieved notable success, selling more than 230 homes across the UK each month for as much as 99% of the agreed asking price. We really are one of the most successful companies that buy houses in the UK. Call our award-winning customer service team TODAY on: 0800 068 4015 to find out more.