The Springbok Story

From a small team of 5 property experts in March 2012, we have seen outstanding growth through excellent customer service and word of mouth, expanding to 50 property experts by March 2014. Our plans for growth continue - we expect to reach 150 staff members by early 2018.

But one thing hasn't changed: we have always stayed true to our core belief of achieving a quick sale for the best possible price, while giving the best service humanly possible.

  1. Sold our 6,200th property (and counting)

  2. Over 5,000 likes on Facebook

  3. Team reached 80 members

  4. Featured in the TV show "A Place in the Sun - Home or Away" *

  5. Served our 2,700th happy customer

  6. Received our 500th Independent Customer Review *

  7. Won 4 Gold Awards For Customer Satisfaction (

  8. Team reached 60 members

  9. Ranked as No.1 for customer service amongst more than 12,500 firms in the UK *

  10. Started operations in Scotland

  11. Launched Innovative Fast Sale with 5 employees