How much is your house worth?
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This free service of sold house price checker is brought to you by Springbok Properties, using data provided by the Land Registry House Prices for all properties sold in England and Wales since 1995 and updated monthly.
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Sold House Prices

See the latest house prices in the UK straight from the Land Registry sold prices data.

Do you want to know the sold house prices in your area or your street? Are you looking to buy your dream home but not quite sure you can believe the house prices in that area? Maybe you are just curious about how much the house next door really sold for? Use our house price calculator above powered by Land Registry house prices data and see all recent sales in your area. 

How much is my house worth?

Do you ever ask yourself "How much is my house worth?" or what is my house value currently? Looking to sell, but not sure what is your current property price?

The keys to establishing what your house is worth are prices achieved for recent sales. Simply enter your postcode above and we will provide you house sale prices in the UK to help you compare recent sales in your area.

To find the current market value of your property, please call us on 0800 068 7935, or enter your contact details above.

House valuation

If you are looking to sell, buy or just curious about a houses valuation we can help. Simply get a house valuation online or if you want a detailed expert valuation, enter your contact details above. We combine data from Land Registry Sold Prices, Rightmove sold prices & Rightmove current asking prices, Zoopla house prices, recent house sale prices & other key factors to give you an accurate house valuation.


Concept of 'value of your house'

Have you ever wondered what is the value of my house? Its important to understand the concept of value.

1. The value of your house is what someone is ready to pay for it in an open market under normal circumstances and a fair transaction.

2. To estimate the value of your house look at the sold house prices of comparable properties, for example homes of a similar size and similar amenities, in comparable neighbourhoods. Using last 6 months or a year of sales as the basis for the value of similar properties, will give you a fair idea.

3. Factors like location, special or unique features or amenities, market trends, time of the year, neighbourhood, property condition & age influence the value of your house.


How to value my house?

Combining our house value calculator with other online tools, you can get the value of your house in 5 simple steps:


1. Hometrack

Hometrack is an independent property market research company. They are also the UK's leading AVM (Automatic Valuation Model) provider - a property valuation tool that's used in the re-mortgage industry.

By going to their website and entering some basic information you can:

- Find out what percentage of their asking price UK sellers have really been achieving
- Find out how long it should take you to sell (in weeks and number of viewings)
- Find out what house prices have been doing month by month in your area, for your type of property



2. Rightmove Sold Prices

Rightmove Sold Prices is a complete set of sold house prices for the UK. Rightmove is the UK's largest shop window for property with more than 90% of all buyers searching Rightmove to find their new home.

Here you can search for similar properties to yours on sale in your area and compare current asking prices and sold house prices.


3. Zoopla & Zoopla sold prices

Zoopla combines market research and analytical tools, offering users to research the market by combining hundreds of thousands of property listings with market data, local information and community tools. Zoopla house prices combine powerful searches to present market activity including average price paid, current average values and value changes. 


3. Land Registry Sold prices

Land Registry sold prices data provides actual price someone paid for any house sold in England & Wales since April 1995. This provides an excellent indication of how much your house is worth and how much it will sell for. Our UK house prices tool above is powered by Land Registry House Prices showing actual prices paid for sold properties in an area and date of sale. Simply enter an outcode you're interested in our sold house price checker above. E.g. Enter 'WF17' or 'PR6' to see the sold house prices in that area. 


5. Springbok Properties Detailed Expert Valuation

Our team of experts offer exceptional services when it comes to valuing your property online. By entering a few simple details above, you will get a personalised valuation of your house.