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Homeowners Attitudes Towards Buying and Selling Property Have Changed

A recent study has revealed that 25% of homeowners believe the inflated price of buying and selling property is disproportionate to the service. The biggest gripe amongst homeowners is the thousands of pounds in commission fees charged by estate agents.

One in three homeowners who instructed an estate agent to sell my property believe the commission fees were an unnecessarily high expense - highlighting that fees calculated by the sale price did not reflect the level of service they received.

As many as 28% of homeowners were unhappy with the amount of Stamp Duty they were required to pay when buying or selling property, the cost of property taxes was also noted as a major grievance amongst homeowners when selling property. Many homeowners believe that the total costs of buying and selling propertyhas left them out of pocket.

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Selling Property in the UK Has Changed

The study revealed that homeowner's opinions on selling property and the level of service they expect to receive has altered quite drastically from a few years ago. Of the 1,000 participants in the study, 95% would chose to sell property online rather than employ a high street traditional estate agent.

One in four said that high-street estate agents offer poor value for money, whereas one in seven homeowners selling property believed that high-street estate agents did not do enough to justify their fees - with just 10% happy with the service provided.

What's more damming is that when selling a property valued at £500,000, 96% of homeowners admitted that they underestimated the cost. One in seven homeowners admitted that they had no idea what the bill for selling property would amount to.

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Homeowner Confidence in High-Street Estate Agencies to Sell Property Fast

What was made abundantly clear was that homeowners have very little confidence that high-street estate agents have the expertise to sell property fast.

Homeowners do not want to wait for months, or even years to sell their home - even in times of property market downturn. High-street estate agents routinely fail selling property quickly.

When homeowners were asked to describe how they would feel should they have trusted an estate agent selling property, only to discover that they could have chosen the services of an online property company for considerably less, 94% said that they would feel annoyed. 60% said they would feel very annoyed.

This startling finding shows a distinct shift in attitudes towards selling property. Only one in ten homeowners admitted they chose a high-street estate agent to sell their home based on the recommendation of a friend. Homeowners value the success property companies can demonstrate selling property.

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A Fair and Transparent Selling Property Service

What's clear is that homeowners want, and expect, a fair and transparent buying and selling property service. High-street estate agents have been criticised for not providing this.

The costs of buying property are still the biggest compliant amongst homeowners, but an impersonal service is similarly criticised. Homeowners will never warm to an estate agent with ever-increasing fees or charges that don't reflect the level of service. When selling property, homeowners also expect a transparent and honest approach in all communications.

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