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How Springbok's Recommended Surveyors Can Help

Buying a property is the biggest financial commitment to make, it is recommended that you have a survey done to ensure you are aware of any possible issues that may arise after you have moved in.

If you are obtaining a mortgage, the mortgage lender will complete a valuation on the property. The majority of lenders do charge you as the buyer for this however this is purely for their purpose to ensure that they are securing their finance on a suitable property. It is possible to complete a more comprehensive survey at the same time as the mortgage valuation, contact one of our advisers to find out more.

We use a highly recommended company for our surveys who is one of the country's leading and largest providers of residential property risk and property surveying services. We have nationwide coverage, contact one of our advisers to find out more.

In Scotland we have a Home Report for every property which contains a detailed survey. To request a copy of a Home Report for a property please contact our sales team.

Types of Survey

Homebuyer Report

This is the most common survey type for buyers. The report provides a detailed report on the condition of the property you are purchasing. The report will breakdown any issues into a traffic light system so you can see which are the most serious / urgent to correct and specialist advice which you may require prior to the purchase.

Building Survey

This report is a more comprehensive inspection report which is ideally suited to the pre 1850's build. The report can be tailored to your specific needs / requirements. The report will provide detailed advice on the repair needs and maintenance of the property.

Condition Report

A condition report is a clear snapshot of the condition of the property you are purchasing. It contains an overview of the main risks associated with the property and important guidance at an affordable price.

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