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What are Property Cash Buyers & How They Can Help A Faster Sale

Did you know that a fair proportion of homes in the UK are sold before they reach the market? Eager property cash buyers know a good investment when they see it. Most active buyers have researched the market and have a good understanding of those properties they aim to put an offer on - and pounce when they see a property they want.

This means that it can be difficult for property cash buyers to get the property they want. You may not need to borrow to purchase a home, but you will need to employ a strategy to ensure that you secure the property you want.

Springbok Properties is one of the UKs leading online property companies. Over the last few years, we've helped more than 5,500 homeowners across the UK to sell their homes in the shortest time possible. To discover how we can help you to sell your home for up to 100% market value in as little as 30 days, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.


What is a Cash Buyer?

Anyone that can purchase property without needing to take out a mortgage or loan is called a cash buyer. Many buy-to-let mortgage investors are property cash buyers. They have the financial resources available to pay for property without borrowing.

However, if you don't fall into the property cash buyers category, how do you place yourself to get first refusal on ant home advertised on the open market?


Cultivate Relationships with Property Companies

Successful property cash buyers have good relationships with a wealth of high-street and online property companies. If you want to get to the front of the buyer's queue, it's important to cultivate good working relationships.

Property cash buyers often get first refusal on properties that are about to, or very recently come on the market. Some vendors even instruct property companies to quietly market their homes to property cash buyers only.

Property cash buyers have an advantage over the competition. Vendors wish to sell their homes in the event of divorce, or investors decide to discreetly liquidate their property assets will often search for property cash buyers.

Springbok Properties has a nationwide database of cash buyer property & proactive investors. Taking a proactive approach to selling homes, we market homes to investors, often securing a sale immediately. To list your home, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.

Make Sure Your Finances are In Order

When a highly desirable property is listed, there is likely to be much attention from property cash buyers. Vendors are far more likely to choose cash buyers property who can make an immediate offer.

Vendors see property cash buyers as a safer option. They do not have to worry about the risk of an offer falling through should a mortgage not be approved.

Buyers should instil confidence in vendors that they have the money to purchase their home. Admitting to vendors that you'd like to make an offer, but are yet to speak to a mortgage advisor does not offer any assurances that they have the means to purchase the property. This can leave the door open for property cash buyers to swoop in, make a counter offer, and snatch the property from under buyer's nose.

Springbok Properties sells more than 230 homes across the UK every week. Whether you're relocating abroad or need to sell your home fast to settle a financial dispute, we can help. Call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015 to find out more.

If Possible, Avoid a Property Chain

Vendors prefer property cash buyers to those in a property chain. Property cash buyers do not need to sell their home to buy another. This means the successful sale of your home isn't conditional on factors that are out of your control.

Those not in a property chain put themselves in a stronger position and are able to compete with property cash buyers as they're able to buy a home in the same timeframe as any cash property buyers.

Springbok Properties has found property cash buyers for more than 1800 vendors in less than 10 days! To discover how we can sell your home quickly, at no upfront costs and 100% hassle-free, call our award-winning customer service team TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.