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How to Identify False Online Estate Agents Reviews

Over the last 12 months, online customer reviews have been subject to much debate, with many businesses accused of posting fake reviews of their products and services. Even the most recognisable brands in the world are taking notice and cracking down on this distrustful practice.

In 2016, leading online retailer, Amazon conducted a search of users and cracked down on those sellers actively engaged in buying fake reviews to boost the credibility of their online store.

Sadly, the online property industry is not immune to false online estate agents reviews. Consumer watchdogs have taken notice and are now actively clamping down on those property businesses that post false online estate agents reviews.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has pledged to solve the problem of false online estate agents reviews by acting against the perpetrators. But how can homeowners and property professionals spot false online estate agents reviews?

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False Online Estate Agents Reviews Identifier One - Poorly Written Reviews

Genuine reviews are concise, direct and well-written. The highlight customer satisfaction without waffling or mentioning unnecessary factors. They are also objective and matter-of-fact.

False online estate agents reviews do not have these attributes. They can be embellished and poorly written - often rambling and full of spelling, grammar and syntax errors. These false online estate agents reviews are easy to spot.

Should a consumer be so unimpressed with the level of service that they have received, enough to voice their opinion, they would surely take their time to write clear online estate agents reviews to ensure they have made their point. Think about it, if you want to speak to a business to voice your displeasure, you'll have an idea of what you intend to say, before making the phone call - therefore getting your point across clearly.

Consumers have more time to think about what they want to say when writing online estate agents reviews. Ambiguous or misleading negative online estate agents reviews are likely to be written by a consumer with a motive to cause trouble - not voice an honest opinion.

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False Online Estate Agents Reviews Identifier Two - Frequency of Online Reviews

A steady stream of online estate agents reviews is a key indicator of legitimacy. How many reviews have been posted over the last few weeks? You'd expect to see consistency in the numbers posted by consumers.

Should you find that an online property business has suddenly had a surge of positive reviews in a very short space of time, this can indicate that these online estate agents reviews are false, placed there by the business in a cynical attempt to build their online reputation.

Alternatively, should you encounter a sudden surge in negative online estate agents reviews, posted on forums under different usernames in a very short space of time, this is more likely to be an act of sabotage by a single or group of individuals. These online estate agents reviews should not be trusted as their frequency indicates an individual dispute has arisen. Individual disputes only tell one side of one story, not objective truths.

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False Online Estate Agents Reviews Identifier Three - Who Is the Reviewer?

For any online estate agents reviews to be taken as credible, they must come from a credible source. Should the reviewer have a history of posting negative reviews, even if these are across different platforms, then he or she may well be a serial complainer - without any grounds to complain.

Those businesses that care about brand reputation will address any complaints posted by responding directly to the reviewer. If, upon browsing any online estate agents reviews, a business is seen to address a complaint and offer to resolve the issue, only to NOT receive a response from the consumer, this is a good indication that the initial grievance is, at best exaggerated or, at worst false.

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