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Why Property Professionals Use Myhouseprice Professional as a Resource

Myhouseprice is a comprehensive online resource that helps homeowners get an estimate of the price of their home, thereby allowing them to list the property at a price that's attractive to serious buyers.

Myhouseprice Professional features additional data, invaluable to anyone working in the property sector. Designed to meet the individual needs of property professionals, Myhouseprice Professionalprovides instant access to a wealth of information to help property professionals provide the best possible service to customers.

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Why Myhouseprice Professionalis Invaluable

Myhouseprice was the first UK company to publish house price data that had been source from the Land Registry. In addition to the industry-focused content of Myhouseprice Professional, myhouseprice completes fully-interactive mapping and comprehensive local housing market data for hundreds of locations across Great Britain.

Consumers have access to the data of more than 18 million property exchanges in England and Wales and close to 2 million in Scotland. Whether using myhouseprice Professional or myhouseprice, the transparency of information is evident across the entire property portal.

Myhouseprice Professional is very accurate. All house price data is based on the day the property was sold. Sales data can take up to three months to be registered. However, Myhouseprice Professional state that 66% of data supplied to them is published the following month.

The wealth of information made available to property professionals by Myhouseprice Professional allows property companies to provide a higher standard of service to their clients. Combining huge cost-savings with secure, accessible information, myhouseprice Professional is highly-regarded.

Springbok Properties searches myhouseprice Professional for local house price data. The property portal, and other online resources, allows us to value your home at a price that will attract serious buyers and sell your home fast. To get a FREE home valuation, click the link here, or call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.

The Features of Myhouseprice Professional

Myhouseprice Professional's Scottish service features additional content that provides a broader overview of the market.

All property sales after 2009 have a recorded property type, included in the listing. This provides property professionals with an overview of house sale prices for varying property types.

Multi-property sales are also recorded on Myhouseprice Professional's Scottish service. Ideal for Scottish property developers, Myhouseprice Professional records the number of properties included in the transaction, for example if a developer has bought or sold many units withinan apartment block.

In addition, Myhouseprice Professional's Scottish service records individual property characteristics, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or an outdoor garden. This feature improves Myhouseprice Professional's searches by allowing uses to identify properties with specific features.

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Springbok Properties Can Use Myhouseprice Professional to Value Your Home

A property is only worth what a buyer is prepared to pay for it, regardless of how buoyant the market is. But to market a home at the right price, you need the expert guidance of a property company like Springbok Properties.

Often homeowners value their home using online property valuation tools. Even though these tools can be helpful, their valuation is only an estimate. To get an accurate valuation, more house price data - such as that provided by Myhouseprice Professional - is required.

Springbok Properties uses Myhouseprice Professional, and other online resources, to research property market price trends and historical data. This allows us to value your home at the right price - increasing your chances of a quick sale.

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