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Moving Abroad?

Researching Migration Watch, last year an estimated 186,000 people decided to move abroad and start a new life. The most popular destinations for British expats moving abroad were Spain, Australia, the US and France. The lure for Brits to pack-up search of with warm weather, a better standard of living, more disposable income, and experience a new culture can be awfully tempting.

Getting enough capital together to move abroad is paramount. Homeowners have the luxury of an asset that can provide all the funds needed when moving abroad. However, selling your home can be a prolonged process - especially when engaging a high-street estate agent.


Why Choose Springbok Properties to Sell Your Home When Moving Abroad?


Proactive Property Marketing

98% of buyers search property portals when moving abroad or locally. We advertise your property on 170 property portals, including Zoopla, Right Move, Net House Prices, Prime Location, Britain Homes and Mouse Price. This gives you optimal opportunity to sell your home in the quickest possible time.

Our online portal network receives over 180 million searches a month. This means that we provide you with a level of property exposure that high-street agents simply cannot match. It's this level of exposure that has seen us exchange contracts on over 1800 properties in less than 10 days!You could be moving abroad and starting your new life in under 2 weeks!


Database of Investors

In addition to this, Springbok Properties maintains an active database of property investors. Unlike high-street estate agents, we take a proactive approach to selling your home by reaching out to cash-ready buyers. This greatly enhances your chances of an immediate offer, saving you months of waiting before moving abroad.



Expert Sales Progression

Springbok Properties is proud to have one of the most experienced sales progression teams of any UK property company. We know how to market your home effectively allowing you to focus on the practicalities of moving abroad

From listing your home at the right price to managing the contracts exchange and completion, we can guide you every step of the way whenmoving abroad. Our expert negotiators will ensure that you receive up to 99% of your property's market value whilst our conveyancing specialists will ensure that all legalities are managed, completely hassle-free - perfect for homeowner's intent on moving abroad.


Award-Winning Customer Service

Our award-winning customer service teams are available 24-hours a day. Having been voted the best branch in the UK two years running, and with 7 Gold Awards for customer service, we ensure your moving abroad process is a pleasurable one.

Call Springbok Properties TODAY on: 0800 068 7935 and see how we can help you to sell your home in as little as 7 days with no upfront costs.


Springbok Properties Quick Guide When Moving Abroad


When moving abroad to a European country, ex-pats don't need a Visa. However, if you're emigrating to Australia or America, you will need to demonstrate that your vocation is in demand in either country.

If moving abroad to a more remote region, such as Nova Scotia where there are skill shortages, getting a Visa may be easier.

Property Taxes

When considering moving abroad, and purchasing a property, buyers need to be aware of the tax cost and legal fees. This can add between 6-10% to the property price. Ongoing property taxes also apply to some regions, which can vary in price too.

Property taxes do differ, depending on where you're moving aboard to. For example, an Italian residency allocates 3% purchase tax and lower ongoing property taxes for single home owners, but those with a second home pay 9% upon purchase and higher ongoing property taxes.


Cost of Living

Before moving abroad, homeowners should always research the cost of living. Whereas property prices can be cheaper than the UK in different areas of the world, the overall cost of living in some countries can be more expensive.

Buyers should always research utilities costs, petrol prices, food, and entertainment when calculating the cost of living after moving abroad.


Exchange Rates

Moving abroad requires not only a lump sum to fund the purchase of the property and any initial expenditure you may have, but a thorough examination of exchange rates.

You may need to transfer sterling into euros or dollars once moving abroad. Whether you're transferring a pension or money from a UK account, having an idea of current exchange rates will allow you to calculateaccurate living costs.



If your moving abroad to a country in Europe, or a country with a pre-existing agreement with the UK, your state pension will remain unchanged.

However, those considering moving abroad to Australia and Canada, for example, will incur a freeze on their state pension.

However, it should be noted that after Brexit, the financial implications for expats may be reviewed or changed. For more information on how Brexit affects those considering moving abroad, The Institute of International European Affairs can assist you.

To find out how Springbok Properties can help you when moving abroad by selling your house fast, with no upfront costs, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 7935