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Advertise and Sell Your Home Fast with No Upfront Costs on Mouseprice

As the leading provider of online UK property market information, Mouseprice aims to provide essential and comprehensive information about the UK property market.

With an ethos based on transparency and fairness, Mouseprice strongly believes that property investors and homeowners deserve access to all the information they need to make an informed decision about a property.

Parented by Landmark Analytics, the leading statistical data consultancy to major banks and financial institutions, Mouseprice uses cutting-edge data analytics to examine market trends and deliver an unsurpassed level of information vital to homeowners and property investors.

The automated valuation models (AVMs) Mouseprice uses are so successful that Mouseprice has consulted with HM Land Registry and the creation of the official Land Registry Price Index to deliver up-to-date statistical information on properties across the UK.

Springbok Properties partners with Mouseprice to effectively market homes across the UK. The reputation held by Mouseprice, combined with the level of property information it can provide, makes the website an ideal tool to market homes across the UK.

Completing more than 230 property transactions every month across the whole of the UK, Springbok Properties can sell your home in as little as 7 days, completely hassle-free.

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Why Mouseprice Will Sell Your Home

Mouseprice was founded to empower property professionals and homeowners across the UK. Providing users with essential information, such as UK property growth rates, area guides, and lists of discounted properties across the UK, Mouseprice is one of the most trusted UK property websites amongst investors.

Users can subscribe to receive email alerts about areas of the UK or individual properties. It is this immediate notification that can to help sell your home quickly. By advertising your home on Mouseprice, Springbok Properties ensure your property is the first to be seen by investors.

Mouseprice allows buyers to search for properties with ease by location. Once your property is advertised it will appear in any relevant area searches making looking for properties for sale in a specific geographical location easy.


About Mouseprice

Frequently cited as an authority on all matters related to the property market, Mouseprice statistical approach to data analysis means that the website is one of the most reliable resources of property information in the UK.

All Mouseprice data is sourced from the Land Registry's price paid dataset. Updated towards the end of every month, property professionals have access to vital up-to-date information about properties across the UK.

Evolving beyond merely providing valuable data about the UK property market, Mouseprice has become one of the most trusted property portals to advertise homes for sale across the whole of the UK.

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Other Resources

Mouseprice features a wealth of resources for homeowners, property developers and consultants, and surveyors. From discounted properties that investors look for to additional useful guides and resources, Mousepriceeducates homeowners and property professionals of everything they need to know about the UK property market.

Mouseprice also regularly blog about topics relevant to the property sector. Users can learn about the impact Brexit has had on the UK property sector, or even how to assess the value of your home on the Mouseprice with a few clicks.

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Mouseprice Pro

Mouseprice Pro Comps search featuresextensive property data, invaluable to homeowners and property professionals. By upgrading to Mouseprice Pro, users have access to over 18 million historic agency listings, 90 million property photos, 20 million sold price records, and 3 million floor plans

Focusing on providing information, invaluable to decision-making, Mouseprice Pro also features a unique 'Fly-By' search function that allows users to view a location as they never could before. Fly-By's interaction function means that homeowners and developers can see the plot outlines of properties across the UK, and select individual aspects of each property for comparison.

In addition to this, Mouseprice Pro features advanced search options and heat maps of areas across the UK. With a subscription to Mouseprice Pro, Springbok Properties can discover comprehensive information about properties across the UK to help buyers make informed decisions about any property they wish to purchase.


Springbok Properties Can Sell Your Home Quickly on Mouseprice

Selling a home quickly for up to 99% of its market value requires considerable skill and knowledge of how to successful navigate and market properties on property portals like Mouseprice. With 8 years' experience, and a good working partnership with Mouseprice, Springbok Properties can use the portal to sell your home in as little as 7 days.

Once you instruct us to sell your house on Mouseprice,Springbok Properties make the whole process completely hassle-free, removing any worry and strain homeowners may feel. Overseeing every aspect of the sale, we will respond to all enquiries, negotiate all offers, and arrange all legalities on your behalf.

Our award-winning customer service team will always make sure you're informed of any developments. With 96% of our clients happy to recommend us, our success speaks for itself!

To find out how you can sell your home quickly on Mouseprice with Springbok Properties, complete the contact form today or call us on: 0800 068 7935.