How much is my house worth?

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Springbok Properties determines your home's estimated value based on recent sales in your area.

What IS SPRINGBOK's House Price Estimate?

How much is my house worth?

Do you ever ask yourself "How much is my house worth" or "what is the value of my house?". We use current and recent house sales and market price data of similar properties in your area. Using these sold house price comparables helps us instantly estimate your property's current market value - no waiting, no fuss, just an instant house price estimate.

Has my house price increased?

You may wonder "Has My House Value Increased?"  since your last got a valuation. Your house price estimate is powered by real-time property prices and details so you can find out what your house is worth now in the UK. Get the latest house price estimate and see how much more your home is worth, based on property sales in your neighbourhood.

What is Expert House Valuation?

Our experienced regional valuer can perform a full, professional house valuation in person. You'll get house value recommendations based on the property's unique characteristics and details. If you've ever wondered 'what is my house worth' or 'what is my house value', contact us for a free house value valuation and no-obligation consultation with our experts who specialise in your area.

What's my house worth? How the estimate works

There are five fold factors determining how much is your house worth. Springbok's expert house valuation covers all aspects & gives you an accurate house price estimate. Contact us now for a free professional house valuation. We consider:


1. Recent sales of similar properties in your area - for example homes of a similar size and similar amenities, in comparable neighbourhoods. Using last 6 months or a year of sales as the basis for the value of similar properties, will give you a fair idea. This is the single most important factor in determining what is your house worth in the UK.


2. Location & neighbourhood - Is your house near key transport links, landmarks, schools. Does your area have a very low crime rate. Is it a popular residential area. If yes, these factors can add value to your house worth. Contact us now for 'value my house' free service. Hundreds of homeowners take advantage of our free 'value my house' service each month.


3. Unique features, size, improvements - This includes all unique features your property has including an extension, conservatory, garage, etc. Or any improvements, renovation or recent extensions you have done that added significant value. These are features that are unique to your property, which all other houses may not have in your neighbourhood.


4. Property condition & age - Is your property in immaculate condition? This can be a positive as a well-maintained house is worth more.


5. Market trends - Some months during the year have more buyers looking to buy properties, which in turn affects how much interest your house may attract. Example, the market slows down during the second the month of December, & attracts a lot of fresh interest from January onwards.

How can Springbok House Price Estimator help me?

We'll give you a free house price estimate today. Our house price estimator is a free service in response to many homeowners who contact us & want to know 'how much is my home worth, what's the value of my house?' or 'who can value my house accurately'. We base this on historical house price data, sold house prices, house price increases, and many other factors.

To get a free house valuation by one of our experts in your area, please contact us.