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How Much Are Estate Agents Fees and How to Sell Your Home Cheaper

Traditional high-street estate agent's fees are not always transparent. This can cause a headache for homeowners - especially if left with a large amount to pay once contracts have been exchanged.

When asking the question of how much are estate agents fees, homeowners should also be aware that different estate agents charge a different percentage of the sale of a home. The true how much are estate agents fees costs can amount to much higher than previously thought.

With more than 8 years' experience in the property industry, Springbok Properties knows how much are estate agents fees, and how disappointing it can be to not achieve a successful house sale. We have a no sale, no fee policy and charge NO UPFRONT COSTS for our services. To list your home with Springbok Properties TODAY call: 0800 068 4015.


How Much Are Estate Agents Fees and Property Value

When considering how much are estate agents fees, homeowners should always remember that the fees that an estate agent is prepared to charge does depend on the value of your property listing.

The average high-street estate agent will charge a fee of between 1-2% of the property value. However, some estate agents can charge as much as 3.5%.

It's important to for homeowners to also be aware that when calculating how much are estate agents fees, that all fees charged are inclusive of VAT. There is no need to add an extra 20% to any fees quoted by an estate agent.

As of 1st April 2017, the average UK house price is a shade under £210,000, according to Nationwide. Should a property be sold for £210,000, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between £2,100 and £7,350 upon the sale of the property. That amount appears to be quite a steep just to sell your home - especially when you consider that stamp duty will need to be paid on the property too.

Springbok Properties nullifies the how much are estate agent fees question when selling your home by offering a no win, no fee service. Call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015 and see how you can achieve a property sale at 99% market value in as little as 7 days.


How Much Are Estate Agents Fees & How To Choose

When choosing to list your property with an estate agent, you should always engage at least three separate estate agents to value your home and quote a fee for their services.

Before you ask how much are estate agents fees, you should also enquire about the success they have had selling properties with similar attributes in your local area. No matter how much estate agents fees are, should they have a less desirable track record then they may not have the ability to sell your home.

In some instances, estate agents may be prepared to negotiate on their fee to provide a more competitive how much are estate agents fees approach. The willingness to negotiate is generally dictated by the value of your home and the likelihood of achieving a higher sale price.

Should estate agents be unwilling to lower their fee, they may also compromise by offering a sliding scale. This means that how much are estate agents fees is dictated by the commission estate agents can achieve on the sale of your property. The benefit to this how much are estate agents fees approach is that it incentivises estate agents to achieve the best possible sale price for your home.

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How Much Are Estate Agents Fees and Listing Your Property Online

The biggest advantage of choosing an online property company, like Springbok Properties, when you consider how much are estate agents fees are the savings you can make.

Homeowners will not need to be concerned with losing as much as £7,350 from the sale of their home on estate agent fees alone. Online property companies have lower business overheads, which is one reason why the estate agent's fees are much more affordable.

As with high-street estate agents, how much are estate agents fees are calculated once the property has sold, but unlike high-street estate agents, paying no upfront fees means that homeowners will not be out of pocket on the odd occasion that their property remains unsold.

To find out how much are estate agents fees at Springbok Properties, call: 0800 068 4015 TODAY.


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