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The Lesser Know Attributes that Increase House Values

House values are determined by several contributing factors - geographical location, size and condition of the property typically being the three principal attributes. However, there is a wealth of factors that determine differing house values, excluding how buoyant the property market is at any one time.

Knowing these lesser known attributes that influence house values allows homeowners to more accurately understand the type of property that they can afford, and fully explore their options when looking for a new home.

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Homes Close to Good Schools Will Increase House Values

The proximity of homes to local schools does increase house values. State schools in the UK have distinct catchment areas that affect pupil intake. Should any home fall just outside the catchment area, families may have to face an arduous and tiring commute each day.House values are increased the closer homes are to schools.

Schools that receive favourable OFSTED results will be more attractive to parents who want to provide their children with the best possible education. This increases the desirability of the area, increasing the competition for property - driving house values up.

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Off-Road Parking Will Increase House Values

Home security is very important. Homeowners invest in state-of-the-art security systems to protect their homes from criminals. Secure homes will increase house values and that desire for home security also extends to the exterior of a home and off-road parking.

Properties with the added security of a garage or private driveway that protects vehicles from thieves are very desirable. Homes with a garage or private driveway will also save homeowners money on expensive vehicle insurance premiums. House values will be increased if the property has either a garage or secure off-road parking.

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Energy Efficient Homes Will Increase House Values

Financial services business, More Than, reported in 2016 that the monthly running cost of a three-bedroomed semi-detached home in the UK was £1634.

The research further revealed that the average monthly water bill for a three-bedroomed home in the UK was £69.99. The average monthly utility bill was £90.90, whilst the council tax on a three-bedroom property is £115.24 a month. The spiralling cost of utilities has inflated to far exceed what is on a par with house values, which has frustrated homeowners.

Today an increasing number of homeowners are as concerned with the monthly property running costs as they are with house values. Energy efficient properties are proving to be very attractive, increasing house values across the UK.

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Built-In Storage Space Will Increase House Values

The amount of storage space that families need is often underestimated. The longer homeowners live in a property, the more amount of possessions they accumulate. Homes with built-in, or substantial storage space will increase house values.

Potential buyers will always look favourably on properties with built-in wardrobes and storage space. These features make the home more desirable, therefore increasinghouse values. Buyers believe they can save money on furnishing the property.

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