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The Best Online Portals to Research House Sale Prices

Online property portals revolutionised the property market. By providing homeowners with an expansive range of information about any listed property, including house sale prices, simply deciding whether a property is right for your needs can be made in a few short clicks.

Property portals feature comprehensive listings that include the energy efficiency of the home, the projected costs of ownership each month, heat-maps of current UK property values, informative and engaging blogs covering every question that homeowners may have, and even historical house sales prices and current valuation estimates.

With such a deluge of information, it can take time before buyers find what they're looking for, be that house sales prices or property values across different UK regions. As a customer-focused property company, Springbok Properties aims to provide our clients with informative and valuable information about every aspect of the UK property market, from house sales prices to how a house is divided in a divorce. To find out more, call our award-winning customer service team on: 0800 068 4015.


Zoopla and House Sales Prices

Zoopla is the UKs most comprehensive property portal. Empowering users to make decisions about properties and local areas, Zoopla features detailed property descriptions, monthly property costs and house sales prices, in addition to a wealth of useful information, that buyers need to make informed decisions about house sale prices and property ownership.

One of the more notable features Zoopla provides users to historical house sale prices for all listed properties. This allows buyers to understand individual house sale prices growth. When compared with current property price growth indices, buyers can calculate a rough projection of the return on the house sale prices investment they are likely to receive in the event they come to sell the home in the future.

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Rightmove and House Sale Prices

Rightmove is the UKs largest property portal with approximately 800,000 listings, offering buyers a greater amount of choice than any other property website. Rightmove enables buyers to search for properties in across the UK by region, by drawing an area onto a map of the UK, or find those properties with house sale prices that are close to London tube and rail stations. In addition to listing that detail every aspect of the property, Right Move provides the house sale prices and a school checker that allows buyers to check property proximity to local schools.

Buyers can also see the date that the property was first listed on Rightmove, allowing them to understand how long it has been on the market for and calculate any approximate house sale prices, before deciding to make any tempting offers to vendors.

Springbok Properties lists house sale prices that are attractive to serious buyers from across the UK. We agreed a sale on more than three quarter our property listings in less than 8 weeks. If you need to sell your house fast as the best possible price, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.

Property Price Advice and House Sale Prices

The Property Price Advice online portal features an abundance of informative and helpful information to homeowners and buyers, no matter where they are on the property ladder.

The homepage features a house sale prices tool that allows homeowners to search for house sale prices in their area. Homeowners can choose the radius of their search and the duration of sales. Property Price Advice will then return a map of the area with house icons that when clicked, provide the date of sale, house sale prices, postcode and property type. Searches can be expanded by using the Google Maps add-on, giving buyers a greater view of the surrounding area.

For a greater understanding of house sale prices in your area, or to list your home with a property company that can sell your home fast and 100% hassle-free, call Springbok Properties TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.