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This free service of sold house price checker is brought to you by Springbok Properties, using data provided by the Land Registry House Prices for all properties sold in England and Wales since 1995 and updated monthly. Data produced by Land Registry © Crown Copyright 2016.

Which House Price Calculator Is the Most Accurate?

For many homeowners, calculating the value of their home using a house price calculator at any stage of ownership can prove to be very informative. Understanding the current valuation of a home can help homeowners gain a greater understanding the property market, plan the duration they intend to own the property, or choose to list their home and move on.

Consumers are privileged to have the choice of various house price calculator platforms online. Each of these platforms can provide homeowners with a current valuation of their home, based on their individual metrics. Herein lies the challenge; each house price calculator typically provides a different valuation, which begs the question which one is the most accurate?

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Rightmove House Price Calculator

Rightmove is the UKs largest online property portal. Each month, Rightmove release a House Price Index (HPI) that illustrates any changes in the asking prices of homes for sale in England and Wales. As the index reflects the asking prices of homes as opposed to the sale price, it is viewed as an optimistic house price calculator. However, covering more than 90% of all properties for sale in the UK at any one time, Rightmove's house price calculator provides a comprehensive view of the market. This means that the average UK property price is highly accurate.

The single drawback of Rightmove's house price calculator is its optimism. Given that the data reflects asking prices and not sales prices, home valuations can change quite considerable in times of market downturn and prosperity.

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Halifax House Price Calculator

Halifax assert that their house price calculator is the most commonly-used property valuation metric in the UK. Having provided home valuations across the UK since 1983, the Halifax house price calculator is certainly favoured by homeowners.

The data used to calculate house prices is sourced from Halifax's agreed mortgage advances, and is then adjusted to account for different factors, and seasonal shifts.

The principal drawback of the Halifax house price calculator is that house price calculator only has data from mortgages they own. This only accounts for a third of the market, and does have a degree of geographical bias. Their data also excludes all cash transactions which can further affect the accuracy of the house price calculator, locally, regionally and nationwide.

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The Land Registry

Owned by the UK government, the Land Registry manages the ownership of property and land in the UK. The Land Registry also claims to have the most accurate house price calculator in the UK.

Using official transaction data logged as part of the property ownership registration, the Land Registry's house price calculator provides homeowners with the actual prices paid for any property, making it the most reliable house price calculator at the point of sale.

The data included stretches back to 1995, and includes full address details and the type of property sold, and whether the property is freehold and leasehold.

The only real drawback of the Land Registry's house price calculator is that the value is often calculated after a property transaction has been completed. This means that, depending on the property market, the price of the house at the time it is logged will have potentially inflated somewhat. However, despite this the Land Registry's house price calculator is still regarded as being as accurate as possible.

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