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Home Value Estimator Online Resources That Homeowners Must Use

In a previous article, Springbok Properties covered how a home value estimator calculator can help homeowners to calculate the value of their property.

However, online home value calculators aren't the only free home value estimator. When browsing online, homeowners have a wealth of choice of tools to calculate the value of their home.

Given that more than 96% of our customers recommend us, our dedication to providing the foremost levels of customer service is apparent. Following on from a previous article than listed how to estimate the value of your home using different online resources, we have compiled a further list of online resources for homeowners to use as a home value estimator.

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Property Portals

Property portals, such as Zoopla, Rightmove and Mouseprice provide accurate and FREE home value estimator services.

In addition to providing a home value estimator by postcode, dates and sold prices, On The Market has re-written the rule book for online property marketing by restricting the number of portals homeowners are allowed to list their home on.

Not only does On The Market provide homeowners with a free estimate of home, but this online portal also provides listings of land for sale and student accommodation for rent by landlords from across the UK. On The Market receives an average of 3.5 million monthly visits and has its own app for mobile use too.

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House Network

Home Network's online home value estimator tool is quick and easy to use. Homeowners need only fill in their address, details about the property and their contact details to receive a free home appraisal.

In addition to providing a home value estimator free, House Network features property listings from across the UK. Each listing has a home appraisal value estimate that reflects current property market trends from across the UK.

House Network also employs in-house home value estimator professionals that will visit your home and complete an in-depth assessment of the property. Once completed, homeowners will receive a comprehensive home value estimator price that will attract serious cash buyers.

As the original of the UK-based home value estimate websites, House Network promises a valuation to sale price of 97.97%. The online portal features property listings from across the UK, and can be a starting point for shrewd homeowners who understand that it's important to get a reliable home value estimator price before deciding the most marketable asking price for their property listing.

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Property Price Advice

When considering how to estimate value of home, there is one online resource that has achieved much positive from UK-wide property experts - Property Price Advice.

Property Price Advice provides a free estimate of home value quickly, and is easy to use. The home value estimator has also been praised for providing homeowners with a detailed valuation, and for its accuracy when valuing properties across the UK.

Homeowners are required to input their contact details, including email into the home value estimator to receive their home valuation estimate. Property Price Advice has been praised for providing a customer-focused service, and keeping customers data safe and secure.

Choosing the right home value estimator, or getting the right property valuation is an integral aspect of a successful home sale. An accurate valuation will attract serious buyers and increase your chances of selling your home sooner. Using an inaccurate home value estimator can result in your home being sold for a price that hardly reflects its true market value - or not at all.

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