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How to Find Out the Fair Market Value House Price of Your Home

One of the most important factors to consider when selling a home is the offer you're prepared to accept. Serious buyers will make an offer that reflects the fair market value house price. Buyers looking for a bargain property, or those that plan to undertake extensive renovations, may submit an offer that doesn't reflect the fair market value house figure, in the hope that vendors will accept the offer.

When listing their home, vendors need to be aware of their fair market value house price. This gives buyers an idea of the fair market value house price that they are prepared to accept. Getting a fair market value house price is integral to a successful home sale.

But if you've not quite reached the valuation stage yet and wish to find out your fair market value house price, Springbok Properties has put together a short guide for homeowners to calculate an approximate valuation of their property.

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Your Local Property Market

The fair market value house price of local properties varies dramatically depending on where you live in the UK. Homes in the boroughs of London or highly desirable areas of the UK have premium prices. Homes in less desirable areas or remote areas are generally more affordable.

There is a wealth of online resources for homeowners to discover the sold prices of properties in their area. Zoopla and Mouseprice are two of many online resources that can help homeowners learn fair market value house price approximations.

Online property portals will include heat maps and growth rates, in addition to a wealth of information that help vendors understand their approximate fair market value house prices, including how much the fair market house price has increased throughout their period of ownership.

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Study Properties of a Similar Size

Perhaps the most accurate way to get an approximate indication of the fair market value house price of your home is to study similar sold properties in your area. However, homeowners should always factor in the unique aspects of each property to buyers before settling on what you consider to be a fair market value house price.

If similar properties have less indoor square footage than your home, smaller gardens or an fewer bedrooms,your home is more desirable to buyers, and will therefore have an increased fair market value house listing price.

Properties of a very similar design, such as blocks of flats, or homes built by the same developer on a single plot of land, are slightly more difficult to estimate the approximate fair market value house price of. In many cases, the fair market value house cost is calculated by taking into account the slightly differing features of each property.

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Property Market Buoyancy

What's important to remember is that any home is only worth what a buyer can afford to pay. In times of economic downturn fair market value house price listings will reflect a less buoyant property market.

This means that fair market value house prices will decrease. Buyers will not drive up house prices through competition for properties and the general shortage of buyers with the financial resources to purchase homes will also reduce fair market house prices.

Homeowners that wish to understand their fair market value house price should keep abreast of not just the local property market, but the national property market too. This will provide them with a fair market value house price approximation.

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