Tony gives his personal account of working at Springbok.

I came from a telesales company and had no prior background in property sales. The training was great, ensuring I hit the ground running, which was a great surprise as I was worried the learning curve would be huge.

My friend Hazel, who I worked with, recommended Springbok and told me how great the environment was, despite it being a sales environment. To be honest, I was dubious, but from the moment I started, I could tell there was something different and that feeling has never left me… here I am, 5 months on, thanking my lucky stars that I applied and got the job, waking up every morning with no worries and enjoying being part of such a good team. Strong work ethics and being treated with respect and decency is all anyone can ask for. I love what I do and I know I get to pick up the phone every day and help someone.

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