Ahmed gives his personal account of working at Springbok.

I started working at Springbok Properties in April, 2013. Since then I have been given nothing but opportunities to go further in the company. I started as a support negotiator and, within a month, I was promoted to a senior negotiator and trained in this role.

My first two months in this role were challenging but something I was more than capable of getting the hang of. As well as being given training, I listened to calls to see how each person would deal with different scenarios. This helped me a lot as it was real-world experience which I used to put together my own style of being a negotiator.

Springbok Properties has constantly offered me support in terms of where I am and what I need to improve, through one-to-one and group meetings. This has helped my sales techniques – and my confidence and monthly figures are improving!

Springbok is a fast-growing company which means it is full of opportunities for promotion. All in all, my time at Springbok so far has been a great experience and I would recommend the company to anyone.

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