Katie gives her personal account of working at Springbok.

Since I left school in 2003, I have been in many working environments – banking, health insurance, NHS and various temping jobs. I got to a point in my life where I wanted a different career, so I headed down the Holiday Rep path.

After my first season working away, I came back to the UK and was successful in securing a role at an estate agency as a Sales Administrator. I was there for 4 months and then I decided to go back overseas for another summer season. I cam back for the winter and started looking for permanent positions to settle in the UK, as I had been in and out of jobs for the past couple of years.

A colleague I had worked with at an estate agency let me know that the company she works for was looking for Sales Administrators. I had experience of working in an estate agency previously, as well over 10 years administration experience. It turned out this company was Springbok Properties. I came in for an interview with the managing director of the company. Shepherd trusted me when I said I was back to stay in the UK, despite my job history.

I feel that working at Springbok, I have landed on my feet after being in and out of jobs the past few years. I am very happy and settled in my job and I no longer wake up with that dreaded feeling in my stomach of having to go to work. No two working days are the same and while it's pressure to hit our targets, it's very stimulating and challenging, and I most definitely enjoy it.

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