Charlotte gives her personal account of working at Springbok.

As soon as I started working for Springbok Properties, I knew I would love it here; the atmosphere and my colleagues were friendly and made me feel a part of the team from my first day.

Exactly a week from my start date, I was run over as I left work. I had to take quite a bit of time off to fully recover from the accident. Initially, I was worried about having so much time off just as I had started, but my manager was extremely caring and made sure I came back to work when I felt I was ready and didn't rush it. Again, after I came back to work, all my colleagues made me feel welcome and comfortable, and helped me recover from my accident.

I have now worked for Springbok Properties for a year and a month and I have already had three chances to progress. I managed to grab the third one and I am now an Assistant Listings Manager. I genuinely love my job and colleagues and I will not be leaving for the foreseeable future. Springbok is by far the best career choice I have made. I do not regret any of my time here. I have and will carry on recommending Springbok to potential work colleagues and vendors alike. For a fair and enjoyable work experience I would recommend Springbok 100%!!!

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