Natalie gives her personal account of working at Springbok.

I was the first sales progressor in the company. The minute I joined Springbok, I could tell I was part of something special, even though there were only a handful of staff when I started. I felt that each staff member had ambition and their hearts individually were in this business – they believed in it and trusted that it would become successful.

There were excellent business values in place and achievable business plans to aim for. I have never looked back since I started, and I can honestly say that being part of the "Springbok family" has been the best decision I have ever made in my working career.

I firmly believe that you should be happy in your job, want to get up every morning and go to work for a company that values you. In turn you respect that company and want to help it to succeed and grow, and I truly believe that I have achieved that.

I have been in estate agency for about 10 years, and never have I felt so valued, respected and trusted. Above all, I feel I am a piece of a work of art that, put together with the all the other pieces, makes a potential masterpiece which, in the years to come, will increase in value and public demand.

I finally feel secure in my working career – so secure, in fact, that I am about to embark on my very own home owner journey. I am about to purchase my first home and I have managed to do this through hard work and dedication. The belief I have in this company has given me the security to take this step onto the property ladder and I could not be happier and more settled.

Springbok pride themselves on the staff they choose. They know what they want in their candidates and will take measures to assure they have it before they make their selection.

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