Jessica gives her personal account of working at Springbok.

My head had previously been filled with a lot of negativity and bad press regarding Springbok Properties the company, but I found out for myself that what I'd been told was far from the truth.

I was the top performer/earner in my previous company, and therefore in a very secure role. I was headhunted by Springbok and the challenge was too big to resist. The atmosphere within the sales teams and throughout the company is like nothing I've experienced before. Every employee is treated and valued as an individual, as opposed to simply a number. They all have the utmost respect for one another, and nobody has a bad word to say about senior management – something I certainly wasn't used to!!

The main importance for Springbok Properties is the results, not what people are wearing to work or how long they take to make a cup of tea! Nobody is man-managed, they are treated like the adults they are.

I was promoted to Sales Manager within 5 months. This was a brand new role for me. I am still learning every day as I am yet to be in this role 12 months. Shepherd and Springbok Properties have been nothing but loyal, supportive and most of all, patient. I've made mistakes along the way and I've learnt a huge amount. When mistakes have been made in any department we discuss them as a management team and look for solutions – rather than pointing the finger and judging one another. I can truly say moving to Springbok Properties was the best career move I've made.

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