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The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

It’s acknowledged that moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences to endure. But it really doesn’t have to be. With a little planning and forethought, and a detailed moving house checklist that covers every aspect of the move, every homeowner will be able to enjoy a swift transition between properties.

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Your Moving House Checklist– Two Months Before You Move

Once you’ve had an offer accepted on a property, it’s time to begin preparing your moving house checklist. Before you begin packing up your belongings and phoning removal companies for quotes, the first item on a moving house checklist should be taking care of the finance and legalities.

Contact your mortgage lender and secure the finance for the purchase of your new home. By arranging your mortgage as the first item on your moving house checklist, you will give yourself peace of mind that the finance required to purchase your new home is in place.

Once your mortgage is in place, the next item on the moving house checklist is to need to engage the services of a conveyancing solicitor. This ensures that the contracts between the present owners of the property and yourself are completed in full accordance with the law.

At this stage, your moving house checklist should also include:

  • Informing your landlord of a date you intend to vacate the property (if renting)
  • Checking that your current insurance policy will cover the move. If not, a good removal company should be able to offer you insurance
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Springbok Properties has a dedicated team of conveyancers that will ensure the very first item on your moving housechecklist is completed swiftly. Call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015 to find out more.

Your Moving House Checklist – Six Weeks Before You Move

With a little over a month to go to the planned removal date, your moving house checklist should be focused on clearing your property of any belongings that you don’t intend to take with you.

Hiring a skip, as part of your moving house checklist is the best way to dispose of large items that you don’t intend to take with you. Prices do vary depending on the size and where you live in the UK, but as general guidance, hiring a six-yard skip will cost anywhere between £150-£250 whereas an eight-yard skip will cost between £200 – £300.

Once you’ve cleared out as much as you can from the property, homeowners can then create a sub-moving house checklist which is very useful as it gives the removal company an idea of the amountof possessions that will need to be transported on the day of the move.

At this stage your moving house checklist should also include:

  • Taking a full inventory of your possessions – removal companies quote on volume, the less you have, the cheaper the move will be
  • Identifying a RICS surveyor for any home survey you intend to complete
  • Removing and boxing up any possessions you rarely use
  • Buy packaging materials

Your Moving House Checklist – One Month Before You Move

By this time of the moving house checklist, homeowners should have commissioned a chartered surveyor to inspect your new home, and informed you of the structural integrity of the property.

Once you know that the property is structurally-sound, the next item on your moving house checklist is to inform your solicitor that you’re ready to exchange contracts and set a moving date.

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With a month to go, your moving house checklist, homeowners should also choose a removals company. Should you be undecided between the different merits of moving companies, is a great resource, comparing removal quotes of up to five separate removals companies.

At this stage, your moving house checklist should also include:

  • Identify storage facilities for possessions that aren’t to be taken on the day of the move – a good removal company should be able to advise you
  • Clear items from the loft, shed and additional storage areas of your home
  • Notify utilities companies of your intent to move
  • Get quotes and order carpets and other furnishings for your new home (having a floorplan of the property is very handy!)

Moving House Checklist – One Week Before You Move

The final week before your move should be spent getting as organised as possible. Your moving home checklist should prioritise keeping all important documentation safe, but accessible.

Categorising your documents is the surest way to ensure they are kept safe, and is an essential part of any moving day checklist. These should include all property details, such as the deed to the house you’re about to vacate, any personal and employment documents, legal and financial documents, medical documentation, and of course,your moving documents.

All documentation should be placed in a waterproof, durable file, clearly labelled with the type of documents contained within.

At this stage, your moving house checklist should also include:

  • Preparation of a moving day survival kit
  • Packing as many of your belongings as possible – including labelling or colour-coding boxes for each room
  • Get all the keys to your property together
  • Arranging for the re-direction of your post
  • Ensure that you have budgeted for the removal service and ensure you have sufficient cash to cover any emergencies
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If you have any questions before you move, Springbok Properties award-winning customer service team would be happy to help you complete your moving day checklist. Call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.

Your Moving House Checklist – The Day of Your Move

Emotions can run high on the day of the move, which is why it’s important that your moving day checklist covers any eventualities that may occur.

An early morning rise is essential to your moving day checklist on the day of your move. Be ready when the removal company arrives and helpful, giving clear instructions of which boxes have breakables contained in them, or any that require special care.

It’s also essential that on the day of your move, your moving day checklist includes taking all utilities meter readings. It’s also a nice gesture to have all the keys ready for the new owners once they arrive.

Your final day moving house checklist should also include:

  • Stripping all the beds and packing bedding and curtains
  • Colour-code and keep a list of all the fragile boxes
  • Ensure someone stays once the movers have completed so that everything is accounted for
  • Check the property is secure and utilities are switched off before leaving the property

There you have it – the ultimate moving house checklist! With over 2400 sales agreed last year, Springbok Properties knows how to sell your home fast. Not only that, but we take pride in assisting homeowners at every stage of homeownership. This moving house checklist is just one of the ways that we demonstrate how we can assist you.




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