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101 Ways to Increase Your House Value &#..

House value is everything when you're selling. There's no point
getting your house valued then ignoring all the ways to increase the
asking price. When you've as many properties as we have, you know w
Added On: May 26, 2018
Updated On: May 31st, 2018

Commuter Towns

Commuting to London can not only be stressful but is also expensive. A
lot of people have recently found themselves being priced out of
working in London by recent rail fare increases. Luckily there a
Added On: January 9, 2018
Updated On: January 9th, 2018

First Time Buyer

Getting your foot on the property ladder can seem to be a daunting
experience for a first time buyer. The upfront costs can be
substantial, and many find it hard to get the money together for a
Added On: December 20, 2017
Updated On: December 20th, 2017

Get Your Home Sale Ready

A survey published recently by The Express newspaper has shown that
more than one in three first time buyers would choose not to buy a
house if they did not like aspects o
Added On: December 13, 2017
Updated On: December 13th, 2017

Springbok Prestige Homes – An Introduc..

Springbok Properties is pleased to announce the launch of its new
service, Springbok Prestige Homes. Springbok Prestige Homes is
dedicated service for luxury properties and has been tailored to meet
Added On: December 10, 2017
Updated On: December 10th, 2017

How Long Does a House Sale Take?

Once homeowners have taken the decision to sell their house, the
question most frequently asked is how long does a house sale take? As
common as this question is, the answer depends entirely on variou
Added On: November 5, 2017
Updated On: October 18th, 2017

Fast House Sale

A fast house sale is the adversary of the property chain. Not only is
the likelihood of a swift sale difficult but homeowners often face a
long and frustrating wait, hoping that everyone else in the c
Added On: October 29, 2017
Updated On: October 17th, 2017

Average Time to Sell a House

For homeowners, listing their property is a time of hopeful
expectation. They hope they’ll be able to sell in a matter of days
or weeks, but they expect that it may take months to find the right
Added On: October 22, 2017
Updated On: October 15th, 2017

How Long Does It Take to Complete on a H..

It’s the most pertinent question that homeowners ask themselves once
a sale has been agreed: how long does it take to complete on a house?
Frustratingly, there isn’t a definitive and accepted leng
Added On: October 15, 2017
Updated On: October 16th, 2017

How to Sell Your House – 21 Mistak..

As any good estate agent will tell you, there are right and wrong ways
to sell your house, online or by traditional methods. We agree: we see
far too many people selling a house and making the same er
Added On: October 1, 2017
Updated On: October 1st, 2017
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