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What Homeowners Need to be Aware of When Getting a House Survey

What Homeowners Need to be Aware of When Getting a House Survey


Did you know that recent statistics have noted that only 20% of buyers choose to have a house survey completed before the buy a property? Given the size of the transaction, having a comprehensive house survey is one of the most astute decisions buyers can make – potentially saving you considerable stress, and expense in the future.

Completing a house survey provides buyers with valued peace of mind when buying a new home. A detailed inspection of a potential property, house survey’s will examine the structural integrity of your potential home, highlight any necessary repairs to the roofing, note the safety of the electrical wiring, and provide a comprehensive overview of each aspect of the property, from partition walls to double glazing.

Should house surveys uncover a critical structural issue with the home, or any underlining issues that will require considerable investment to correct, buyers are advised to consider the transaction carefully.

Who Completes a House Survey?

All house surveys should be completed by a chartered surveyor, registered by the RICS or SAVA.  Where possible, they should be completed prior to making an offer on the property.

Should a chartered surveyor be registered with the Surveyors and Valuers Accreditation (SAVA), buyers can elect to have a different survey. As per the RICS Home Buyers Report, these house surveys cover the same criteria, albeit without a home valuation.

The Different Types of House Survey

There are three distinct types of house survey, as outlined by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). These are Condition Reports, Home Buyer Reports and Building Reports.

As expected, the most common house surveyisa home buyers report, however the RICS doesn’t dictate the type of survey buyers should chose. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors does, however, outline the criteria for each report.

Springbok Properties’ award-winning customer service team can provide buyers with expert guidance on a house survey of any description. Call us TODAY on: 0800 068 4015 to find out more about how and when to book a house survey.



The Condition Report

The condition report is the most basichouse survey. Designed to complement the mortgage valuation, the condition report provides buyers with mere indications of the state of the property.

These indications are labelled as colours:

GREEN indicates the property has passed inspection.

ORANGE indicates the property has aspects that need to be addressed.

RED indicates that critical issues that must be addressed immediately.

The Home Buyers Report 

The home buyers report is the most comprehensive house survey. The results will inform buyers of any underlining or critical issues with the property, such as wood rot or significant cracks in the supporting walls. This type of house survey will include two separate property values – a valuation of the property in its current state and a reinstatement value (should the property fall victim to fire.)

The final report compiled by the surveyor will not include potential issues with areas of the home that are not accessible. For instance, this house survey will not include any corrosion, rot or damage underneath the floorboards, nor will surveyors ask homeowners to empty their home to examine any potential damage behind the furniture, for example.

It should be noted that home buyer reports often include caveats and agreement statements designed to protect the surveyor. For this reason, the reliability of such a house survey can be contested.

The Building Survey

With costs ranging from under £500 to more than £2000 depending on the size of the property, building surveys can be a very expensive, but they’re also very valuable – especially for buyers considering the purchase of a listed, timber-framed, or thatched roof property.

This house survey is also very useful to buyer’s intent on adding extensions to the property or completing extensive renovations.

A surveyor conducting a building house survey will be very thorough, examining the attic space, behind the walls, between the floors, and even above the ceilings.

The final house survey report will include any advice on required repairs, an estimation of the costs to complete any renovations, and provide buyers with an opinion on the result if repairs are not made.

This house survey does not offer buyers with a market valuation for the property in its current state or an insurance reinstatement value estimate in the event of accident.

If you’d like to learn more about the different typed of house survey and how a survey affects your valuation, call Springbok Properties TODAY on: 0800 068 7935.



The Cost of a House Survey

It’s important for buyers to know that the cost of a house survey does vary. Not only do prices vary depending on whether buyers require a condition report, home buyers report or building survey, but different surveyors have different fees.

The cost of a house survey is also dependent on the size, location and type of property. However, some mortgage lenders include the cost of a house survey as part of their mortgage valuation costs.

If buyers are intent on employing a surveyor to examine a property they’re looking to purchase, below are the estimated house survey costs:

Homebuyers Report

If the property value is up to £99,000 then the estimated cost will be £350.

If the property value is £250,000 – £349,000 then the estimated cost will be £600.

If the property value is above £500,000 then the estimated cost will be £950.

Building Survey

If the property value is up to £99,000 then the estimated cost will be £500.

If the property value us £250,000 – £349,000 then the estimated cost will be £800.

If the property value is above £500,000 the then the estimated cost will be £1300.

Springbok Properties provides customers with comprehensive and transparent guidance in all areas of buying and selling homes across the UK. To list your property and achieve a quick sale, or learn more about how we can help you with a house survey, call us today on: 0800 068 7935.




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