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The service is brought to you by Springbok Properties. We charge no upfront costs whatsoever for advertising or marketing your property on property portals like RIghtmove. Your data is safe; we are a data protection registered company.

Sell Your House - Advertise on Rightmove UK At Zero Upfront Costs is the UK's number one house search website delivering innovative and user-friendly ways for home searchers to find their next property.

Marketing is key to selling your house. And presentation of your property is key to marketing. This starts with professional photography and drawing up an enhanced set of advertising piece including property interior and exterior photographs, floorplans, detailed description, property features, property address and street view for Google street view, EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and much more.

Springbok Properties' expert teams of property professionals work hard to showcase your property in the best possible light. We charge no fees whatsoever for marketing, photography, and listing your property online on and a number of other online portals.

Contact us now to advertise at no upfront costs. Rightmove UK does not allow direct advertising by individuals or homeowners selling privately. Hence, in order to advertise on rightmove, one should use a registered estate or letting agent.



Making the Right Move - Get Your House Noticed

Rightmove is the number one choice for potential buyers searching for houses for sale, with over 1 million property listings. has a strong organic and social presence with over 100 million visitors per month with added resources like rich and insightful data tools, detailed sold price history and a user-friendly interface for people searching for properties. is an undisputed choice for home sellers and estate agents to advertise on also because it delivers the highest number of leads for member advertisers. Leads are enquiries generated online or through calls for potential buyers registering their interest in a property advertised sent to the registered estate agents. These leads of potential buyers are essential to create maximum interest for a property on the market. Contact us now and we will arrange to advertise your house for sale at no upfront costs or charges.


Rightmove is the UK's largest property portal with over 1 million plus properties for sale.

Founded in year 2000, its listings include an extensive range of houses, flats, bungalows, land, new builds, commercial properties and retirement homes. Rightmove makes it easy for buyers, first time buyers, property investors, potential tenants to find their next home regardless of whether you're upsizing, downsizing or relocating. is ranked in the Top 20 of most popular websites in the UK. Whilst other websites like[uk] and[uk] continue to compete, Rightmove enjoys its domination in the property portal industry and is the first choice of potential buyers and investors and estate agents.


Real time feeds on

Rightmove launched its real time data feed back in 2014. This means advertisers can now push new property listings, send updates and changes to current listings on the rightmove website instantly. This was a revolutionary step in the fast-paced property portal industry as it allows potential buyers to search and view real time information. This was followed by Zoopla's real time data feed launch in 2015.

Many traditional estate agents on Rightmove may still be using an outdated automated data feed system or manual listing system. Springbok Properties was one of the first advertisers to start using the automated real-time data feeds with our technology-driven systems designed to help you sell fast with best possible price.



Resourceful Tools And Quality Listings

Rightmove UK has an extensive database of current houses for sale backed with sophisticated online property search platform & its powerful tools like sold house prices, house price index, market trends, school checker, draw a search are extremely handy for anyone looking to buy a house. Overall, is a resourceful and valuable hub whether its first-time buyers or savvy property investors.

Rightmove is known for maintaining its property listing quality working alongside with estate agents, making sure listings are fully up to date and free from duplication which helps enhancing the user experience.



Selling? Here's the Right Move

We don't just advertise your property, we sell it! Getting your property on Rightmove UK is just the stepping stone. You need strong customer service and expert support to take your selling process forward starting from responding to buyer enquiries, arranging viewing, negotiating offers, progressing the sale to conveyance (using solicitors) and finally completing the sale with exchange of contracts. Springbok Properties has award-winning customer service teams of property professionals to take care of this entire journey from start to finish.

If you are selling your property, Rightmove is an essential part of the marketing strategy to allow maximum exposure for your property. Contact us today by filling in the quick form above or call us on 0800 068 7935 to get started with advertising your property.

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