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The Property Websites that are Sure to Sell Your Home Fast

Buyers across the UK search property websites every single day to find their dream home. In February 2016 alone, leading property website, Right Move recorded its busiest ever month with over 127 million visits.

Not only that but, recent statistics have revealed that visits to property websites in the UK is at an all-time high, with 47% of the population admitting that they have searched Google to find property websites in the last 12 months alone. Whether buyers are actively in the market for a new home, or are curious regarding the buoyancy of the property market, they routinely visit property websites.

So, what does this tell us? Buyers now use property websites as their primary tool to finding a new home.

As the leading online property company in the UK, Springbok Properties works in partnership with all the leading property websites in the UK. Our success of selling more than 1800 properties nationwide in under 10 days, means we know which of the property websites is the most effective when marketing your home.

To find out how to list your home on property websites which cash-ready buyers visit every single day at no upfront cost, contact Springbok Properties on: 0800 068 4015.


Zoopla is, arguably, the leading property website. Founded in 2008, Zoopla focuses on providing visitors with comprehensive information about listed properties across the UK.

Each of Zoopla's property listings is uploaded with the highest resolution imagery, feature detailed property descriptions, in addition to a wealth of information about home ownership. This user-experience enhances Zoopla's profile amongst buyers, making it one of the most favoured of all property websites.

In addition to this, on January 31st 2017 Zoopla announced the acquisition of Hometrack. As the leading provider of residential and property marketing insights, Zoopla can now offer visitors with an enhanced experience by providing more accurate home valuations than ever before.

With almost 50 million visits each month, Zoopla has hosts the highest number of potential buyers of any of the leading property websites. Springbok Properties works in partnership with Zoopla, successfully marketing homes to buyers across the UK.

To get your home sold in as little as 7 days on one of the UKs leading property websites, Zoopla, call Springbok Properties on: 0800 068 4015.


Featuring listings from the property websites of more than 16,000 companies, today Primelocation is recognised as the leading online property portal for buyers with healthy budgets.

Attracting more than 5 million unique visits every month, Primelocation features listings from some of the UKs leading property websites.

In June 2016, Zoopla announced that they were investing heavily in Primelocation. The investment saw an emphasis on marketing premium listings, in addition to adding a differentiation area for sponsorships.

Today, Primelocation enjoys a reputation as one of the most notable of all the property websites, allowing buyers a choice premium properties that they otherwise may not have known.

Springbok Properties enjoys a healthy partnership with this online property portal. Creating eye-catching listings that stand out compared to other property websites listings, Springbok Properties is primed to connect vendors with buyers ready to make immediate offers.

To get your own premium listing on Primelocation, or to discover why this property portal has garnered such a prestigious reputation with both vendors and buyers alike, all Springbok Properties TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.


Founded in 2000, Right Move is the largest of the portal property websites. Easily the most viewed of all the property websites, Right Move is the perfect property portal to reach a broad audience in the UK.

First floated on the London Stock Exchange on 15th March 2006, Rightmove plc listings routinely have more than 110 million views every month.

Not only that, but unlike other competing property websites, Right Move has a section dedicated to helping buyers find their dream home.

Springbok Properties partners with Right Move to actively market homes to buyers across the UK. With no upfront fees, we create a premium listing on one of the UKs leading properties websites. All Rightmove listings showcase properties, highlighting their unique selling points with high-definition imagery, clear floorplans and detailed descriptions, covering every aspect of the property.

To discover just how we can get your house sold fast for up to 100% market value on one of these premium properties websites, contact Springbok Properties TODAY on: 0800 068 4015.