How Long to Sell a House in the UK?

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According to Rightmove, the average vendor had to wait 57 days to sell their home in May 2016. Despite the data looking appealing to vendors, May 2016 recorded the shortest listing time in terms of how long to sell a house in the UK since Rightmove first began recording the trend in 2010.

The reality of how long to sell a house is a mite more complicated. Accepted statistics estimate that listing your property to completion takes approximately three months. However, some houses are listed for months or even years before selling. Others can be snapped up by buyers in a matter of days.

Many high-street estate agents will tell you that timing is pivotal when you ask how long to sell a house. However, this is only partially true. There is a wealth of reasons that prolong the length of time it takes to sell a house, which include the current political or financial climate and the time of year. However, an experienced property company like Springbok Properties does not believe in such excuses. How long to sell a house in the UK? Not very long at all.

Springbok Properties has sold more than 1800 properties in the UK in under 10 days. To discover how we can help you to sell your house in the quickest time possible for as much as 99% market value, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 7935.


What Factors Prolong a Property Listing Time

There are several contributing factors that influence how long to sell a house that don't directly involve property market buoyancy or luck. Property listings that make such mistakes isolate or at worst completely put off buyers from evening making an initial enquiry.

Homes that are too expensive or too cheap immediately put off buyers or arose suspicion. This will drastically increase the how long to sell a house time. Properties that are listed with an ambitious and hopeful listing price can completely isolate buyer demographics. Getting an accurate and realistic valuation is paramount to reducing the how long to sell a house time.

Properties with a seemingly generous listing price arouse suspicion as buyers assume that the property requires significant structural or cosmetic work, is in a poor location or is subject to other mitigating factors that have contributed to a lower asking price.

Poor marketing often contributes to a prolonged property listing time. It's estimated as many as95% of buyers search for property online. What's, perhaps, more eye-opening is that according to digital marketing trends, users spend just 5-7 seconds looking at a page before deciding to investigate further. A poor online property listing is certain to prolong the how long to sell a house time.

Springbok Properties partners with every leading property portal to effectively market homes. Following a valuation that's sure to appeal to serious buyers, we create an enticing property listing, complete with HD images and comprehensive descriptions which will instantly attract the attention of buyers. To find out more, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 7935.

How to Speed Up the Process

The stages that dictate how long to sell a house are broadly similar whether you elect to sell your home with an online property company, or choose a high-street estate agent. You decide a listing price, market the home, use the services of a conveyancer, receive and accept an offer, exchange contracts and move out. However, the how long to sell a house time is drastically increased when you employ the services of a reputable online property company.

Leading online property companies, like Springbok Properties, specialise in helping homeowners achieve up to 99% market value in the shortest time possible. Through proactive property marketing and ensure that every stage of the sales process is completed in-house, the how long to sell a house time is drastically reduced. Not only that but vendors have complete assurance that the process is entirely hassle-free and not subjected to the potential stumbling blocks that selling homes in a chain can often present.

Springbok Properties gives away more than 1,900 FREE, no obligation home valuations every month. To get your FREE home valuation, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 7935..


The Advantages of Listing Your Property Online

By partnering with leading property portals, including Zoopla, Rightmove and Mouseprice, online property companies can make sure that your listing is viewed by the widest demographic of people from across the entire UK. This reduces the how long to sell a house time drastically.

Typical high-street estate agencies only market homes to a local market. This increases the how long to sell a house time as less buyers see, and hence, will enquire about your property.

Online property companies also offer greater levels of transparency than high-street estate agencies. Vendors need only view their websites to discover what customers say about the level of service they have received.

In addition, given that online property companies only charge a fee which is taken upon completion, they are motivated to sell your house quickly. This how long to sell a house approach is not the same with traditional high-street estate agents. Vendors often experience inflated property marketing costs the longer that it takes their house to sell.

Springbok Properties operate a no sale, no fee policy. There are no hidden costs associated with how long to sell a house and fees are only taken upon completion. To find out how Springbok Properties can help you to sell your house in a fast, fair and affordable way, call us TODAY on: 0800 068 7935.