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Are House Buyers Companies Trustworthy? What Homeowners Should Always Check

Customer confidence is driven by reputation, providing a valuable service, and transparency. A good business will exemplify the foremost levels of service at every stage of the customer journey. This is especially true of house buyers companies.

The introduction of Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations in July 2009 outlined the parameters to which house buyers companies must work. As in any business sector, without set guidelines property companies may misrepresent the interests of their clients without the threat of reprisals. FSA regulations protect customers against malpractice.

There are specific indicators to gage the legitimacy and trustworthiness of a property company. Should homeowners fail to note any of these indicators, house buyers companies' ability to deliver the expected service should always be questioned.

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Are Testimonials Advertised?

Testimonials are an important element of positive business marketing. They support business credibility and level of expertise, strengthening business reputation. Testimonials will build the trust that house buyers have in your services. There are few more effective admissions of business prowess than a first-hand account.

Property companies with glowing testimonials from vendors and house buyers demonstrate that the business can deliver the service promised. All testimonials should feature prominently on business websites and other marketing materials.

Don't just check that testimonials demonstrate a good financial investment only. Check that the service provided met that standards that customers deserved. Good testimonials will include specific praise for a customer-centric experience. This could include sensitivity to individual customer circumstances, open and honest communication, and helpfulness when negotiating between vendors and house buyers.

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The 1998 Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act1998 was signed into law on 1st March 2000. The Act outlines the type of information that a business can hold about its customers. House buyers trust property companies with significant personal and financial data, making the admission from property businesses to use your data in a professional capacity paramount.

This data protection should include both paper records and stored computer data. House buyers have the right to protect private personal and financial information. Property companies must honour this right, and be transparent regarding all house buyers data.

To view Springbok Properties data protection admission, outlining our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers, click the link here.

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Complaints Procedure

A trustworthy house buyers business will always clearly indicate their complaints procedure. Trustworthy companies understand that no matter the commitment to exceeding customer expectations, not every business is free from complaints.

The house buyers complaints procedure is designed to treat clients fairly, giving their concerns due consideration. The successful resolution of any complaints by house buyers or vendors allows a business to mature from the experience, thereby continually improving the level of service offered to their clients.

Springbok Properties strives toalways provide the highest level of service to our clients. If you would like to raise an issue with us, please click the link here.

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