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How to Sell Your House: A Homeowners’ Guide To Faster Selling

How to Sell Your House: A Homeowners’ Guide from Springbok
Properties Believe it or not, there isn’t a universal formula for
every homeowner to followwhen considering how to sell your ho

Online House Valuation

How Our Online House ValuationCan Make Selling Your Home Easier and
Stress-Free The most important question any homeowner must ask before
selling their home is ‘what is my house price valu

UK House Prices

Given Current UK House Prices There’s Never Been a Better Time to
Sell Your Property Did you know that house prices in the UK rose by
1.7% in December 2016? This means that in one month al

Get Your House Valuation

Find Out Your House Valuation Today with Springbok Properties Ever
wondered how much your house is worth? Want to know your current
property valuation? Springbok Properties can help. Your

House Prices Sold

The Land Registry and House Prices Sold: How Springbok Properties Can
Help You Having received requests from property companies across the
UK to provide information on the house prices sold

House Prices in My Area

What are the House Prices in My Area?’ What Homeowners Need to be
Aware Of Have you ever thought, ‘I wonder what the house prices in
my area are?’ It’s a question that every homeowne

How to Get Rid of Damp: Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

Guide to Homeowners on How to Get Rid of Damp: Symptoms, Causes and
Solutions Should you spot any black mould on the internal walls of
your home, it must be addressed. This is a sign that yo

We Are Property Ombudsman Members

Springbok Properties Membership of The Property Ombudsman Demonstrates
Commitment to the Highest Levels of Professional Standards The
Property Ombudsman (TPO) is an organisation approved by

Capital Gains Tax on Property

2016 Budget Changes on Capital Gains Tax - What It Means for The
Property Market Capital gains tax on property* and other assets was
first introduced in 1965 by James Callaghan, the then Cha

Taxes on Selling a House

How Taxes on Selling a House Affects Homeowners Selling your home
isn’t without expenditure – especially when opting to list your
property with a local, high-street estate agent. Homeown

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