Property for sale in rotherham

Do you want to put your rotherham property up for sale? Or do you want to sell it?

The traditional local high street estate agent says the property market’s in a slump. The rotherham papers say the recession’s not over yet. The same houses on the market every week for months and months say that it’s the worst time to sell.

We say that's rubbish – the property market just needs our progressive approach!

We don’t want to put your house on the market. We don’t want to advertise it. We don't want to test the market to judge the level of interest. We don’t want to organise lots of viewings to see if someone might buy.

We want to sell your property. Right now. For the best price.

As a quick sale estate agent, we don’t mess around or spend ages with all the time-wasting stuff the traditional methods are so fond of. We get straight to the point so that we can sort you out the best possible deal on your rotherham property, in the shortest possible time!

Springbok Properties offers a market-beating alternative to the traditional way of selling. Our fast sale approach gives you the best possible price and still completes the sale of your property quickly, no matter how bad the rotherham market may look.

How do we do it? We chuck all the old methods in the bin and use our innovative process instead!

Proactive pricing policy to make people stop and take notice
Buyer screening so you don't see any time-wasters
Massive advertising to reach an enormous audience
Open all hours, so we never miss an interested buyer's call
Realistic market prices so you get the best possible offers
Experts at every stage so there's no messing around
Straight-talk instead of trying to baffle you with terminology
Different fee structures to suit different needs
A "no sale, no fee" option so you just can't lose
We worry about your needs, not our profits!

Our fast sale approach can sell your rotherham property in a few weeks and get the best possible price for it!

We break the traditional rules and sell your property how it should be sold!

Sell in days or weeks, not months (or years)
Free property valuation
Better advertising with wider reach than you've ever thought possible
Fast deal completion that beats traditional estate agents, hands down
Get what your property's worth
No compromise, no worries, no hassle
Property experts to handle every stage of the process
UK-wide coverage throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Professionals in a nationwide network who know the Test 17 market
Fixed price, no commission and a "no sale, no fee" option so you can't lose
Normal English - none of that legalese to confuse you
We work for you, not for our own self-interest!

Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t!

Springbok Properties is proud of its ground-breaking approach to selling property. We put the customer first at every step of our ethical, transparent and efficient selling process.

Find out more about how this can work for you clicking here or give us a call and we’ll have your rotherham property sold in a jiffy!